• I need some help in this game:2silly:

  • Crush, you'll need to give some information on which part of the game you need help with, ..ie.. which disc you're on, so one of the members can give you an accurate answer :thumbsup:
  • In the meantime let me just move this to a more meaningful place, namely the PS One help center.
  • While waiting for crush to say his prob. Let me ask some questions :)
  • Q. Where are the Level 4 Limit Breaks?
  • Yeah you forgot something, You forgot to return Choles' notebook
    >>>Jugglekn :read: t<<<
  • hey crush you weren't very specific so I'll just give you everything iv'e got!


    Alternate Save Pictures
    The saved-game picture changes depending on what slot your game is saved in. Here's the complete list:
    FILE 1
  • Smooth Criminal, i don't think people would appreciate you posting there e-mail addresses in a forum without them knowing about it, i mean haway, you wouldn't like people on other forums to post your address and get bombarded with spam.

    They are good tips for FFVII but you could atleast remove there e-mail addresses :thumbsup:
    Just some friendly advice.