Team Battle - World War 1
    JUNE 1st to Jun 28th 2006

    Welcome to the command center for the first team battle wars. Please visit this area regularly, it will contain all of the important information you need to know.


    Take a look below and you will see a brightly coloured box with statistics in it, this is the battle box and every member has one.

    The battle game allows every member in the Absolute Community area to have virtual battle with each other, just pick an opponent, choose a weapon and the battle system will tell you who won the fight and how much damage you took.

    The more you fight the higher your experience level rises and this makes you stronger and harder to beat.

    The Team Battle game takes this one step further by putting you in one of two teams (the AXIS or the ALLIES) and you all have to work together to 'gang' up on members of the other team to defeat them quickly.

    There is lots lots more to the game and the Team battle will have more twists and turns than a whole series of of Big Brother, but let's not spoil it by revealing all right here - sign up and find out for yourself by using the link below:


    If you have any questions about the Team Battle, please click here to go to the discussion area.
  • The following information was - ahem - extracted..from a captured enemy.

    Genevil Convention (GC) oversees the War and operates a kangaroo court. Anyone "suspected" of breach of RoE will be punished - evidence is not a mandatory requirement!!

    Mini avatar awards to run for the week or so before the war. Winner gets level 15, second gets level 10, third get level 5 on the day 1 of war when everyone else starts at Level 1.

    Only Clan/Team members can be in the wars, freelance fragging is punishable by name being placed on a free target list for all teams. This will last for 5 days or until freelancer joins clan. in the event of joining clan alternative punishment may be issued.

    Any fragging outside of team members, other than those on the free frag list, is punishable by a loss of 10 levels or removal of fragging ability for 3 days if under level 11
    More senior warriors ie later in War found doing this will loose 20 or 30 levels at the Genevil Convention discretion. In addition their number of frags could be effected.

    Use of Phoenix Down to revive enemies is punishable by loss of levels at the discretion of GC and loss of ability to attack for a period of between 3 and 7 days.
    Use of this Tonic is for reviving fallen comrades only.

    In the event of any punishment being issued the number of frags the defendant has could be at risk!!

    The GC will operate a mechanism to declare victory. The GC provides information on a need to know basis, and currently you do not need to know more details of this.

    There may be random awards of levels added to warriors at the discretion of the GC.

    Repeated violations of RoE will result in exponentially increasing punishments.

    The decisions of the GC are final - there will be no second chances or debate[/i]

    So what does all this mean to us?

    Well it means that as for right NOW there is an avatar war on!!
    Its well worth the winning as on 1 June 15 Levels is going to mean a hell of a lot as everyone else will start the War on level 1 - thats right, level playing field except for the 3 winners of the AV War!! :boxing:

    Avatars will be judged in secret before 31 May. Uploading of contending avatars can occur before NOON (GMT) 29 May. A thread will be opened for contenders to post in.

    Good luck to all, and remember - happiness is a warm gun :devilish:

    You will excuse me, as I have to got back and beat, sorry, extract more information out of the captured.
  • Basic Guide to Using the Team Battle System

    Please ask your other team members for more information in the Team Chat area.

    You start out with 4 attacks, you gain more as you go up in levels. Click the "attack user" link in threads or profile to make an attack.

    When you attack, you use STR. The weapons you have available are determined by your current STR and the damage you do to your opponent is determined by the weapon you use and your level. ( stronger users will take less damage )

    Whenever you attack, or are attacked, you earn EXP. When you've got enough, you go up a level ( you can only level-up when *you* attack. You cannot level up when attacked by someone else ) Going up a level increases all your stats.

    Attacks will "expire" after a certain amount of time. View your profile, at the bottom it gives attack system information. When an attack expires, you'll regain any STR and HP you lost during that attack. If you've been dead, you'll "respawn" when you regain some HP from an expired attack.

    POINTS are earned by posting. POINTS can be spent in the TEAM SHOP to purchase potions. Potions can be used to recharge your stats before attacks expire.

    Try to find users who are of a similar level to you... a range of about five above or below your current level... and attack them to have the best chance of doing good damage and earning good experience. Once you've attained a few levels, you may earn better EXP by attacking members a few more levels lower than you ( 5-10 )

    At the start of the battle it will take about 2.5 hours to recover after 4 attacks, or after being killed.
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