Breath Of Fire 4..
  • 1.where can i get the dragon skill floodtide? where is that stupid water dragon??
    (needing detailed description ok?! pls?!)

    2.i still dont know where i can find the last skills? the onslaught and fulguration.. please help me!
    pls reply! nid it Veeeeeery urgent! ^_^ just new here ^_^

    pls! i really want to unberserk my kasier! ^_^
  • 1. Sea dragon...

    Use the ship from Lyp. (I'm not using the directions of the compass (N,E,S,W) but rather how you see it on the screen.) Go UP, and somewhat to the right. ---> until you see a whole bunch of brownish rocks in a formation. There's a specific formation of 4 rocks that look like a lopsided upside-down L. go in the middle of this set of rocks, you'll know what I mean when you see it.

    2. Onslaught is the Sand dragon. Take the sandflyer from Shyde to Shikk. When you get on the mini-game screen of the sandflyer. Look on the mini-map for a secluded piece of land. You have to go there from the north by jumping off a sand-dune or whatever those are, when you jump off that one, you'll end up in that secluded area then just go toward the lake.

    Fulguration is simple, in the River; the river which you had to get through before you reach Pauk. Somewhere before you exit the river, you see a man sitting infront of a door. Talk to him about dragons, say you seen dragons before. Then tell him they look like grass and rocks...or something like that. Once you leave the river, a new area will appear west of the river.