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  • Hello AXi TriGGa, we wanted you to feel as welcome as possible in the Absolute Community area and have posted this introductory message, so that other members can give you a warm welcome.

    This is a very friendly place and I am sure you will love it. Please feel free to browse around and get to know others.

    Our MOD-SQUAD spend a lot of time making sure that this is a safe place for people of all ages and experience to come to. We do not tolerate offensive or aggressive behaviour and we do not promote illegal activities here. Other than those very basic rules, you are free to do what you like.

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    AXi TriGGa registered on the May 14, 2006, 6:52 am.
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    Jane (oddish182000) BUDDY-SQUAD Leader
  • Welcome to the community AXi TriGGA, on behalf of the Mod-Squad. There are more than enough people to help you out around here. Ask any one of the mod's or buddies and Im sure youll find all the help you need. Have fun.

  • Hello there AXi trigger, :D

    First person shooter fan are you (just guessing) ?
    Why don't you drop a line or two on what games you're into. We all would love to get to know you better.
    What ever you fancy you probably run in to some people here that share your intrests, unless of course you are into banning gaming worldwide. :blink:

    Anyhow, we are all pretty much a fun loving bunch here and I hope that you'll like this place as much as I do.
    If you have any questions or so don't hesitate to ask any of the Buddy Squad, we know that it can be a bit tricky to get to know a new forum, but we aim to make the adjustment as smooth as possible.

    see you around
  • Welcome to the Absolute Community AXi TriGGa!

    You've found the best place to discuss gaming or whatever else is on your mind. We are a friendly bunch and look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions. Take a look around and jump right in when you find something interesting!

    I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do!
  • Welcome aboard TriGGa.

    Take a look around and feel free to post in any of the threads going on, if you have any questions at all go ahead and ask. What games are you interested in? What games are you playing?

    Welcome aboard the best site on the 'net.

  • Howdy AXi TriGGa, and welcome to Absolute Community!!! It's great to have you here, and I sure hope to see ya around the site!!! You're gonna love it here!!! We'll make sure of that! :clap:
  • Sup Trigga, welcome. He is on the new on the absolute-xbox halo 2 team.
  • Welcome to APi AXi TriGGa! So you're a friend of SpeedDemon's eh? Well any friend of speeddemon is a friend to us! Welcome!

    Be sure to kick off your shoes and enjoy the forums here. If ya have any questions don't hesitate to ask, we're all a happy bunch here and would love to hear from ya.

    Anyway, welcome to APi and look foreward to hearing from you on the forums. :clap: