• I live in a desert. Very little rain. The wind blows almost every day. Its very dry and hot here. I got two days of a light dusting of snow last winter. It usualy stays around at 105 f. Its not really all that pretty here. Not much for plants. What kind of area do you live in? Its gota be better than mine. :)
  • Oh, yea. The weather is most definitly better here in the north of Sweden.
    For the last two days we have enjoyed a mild SNOWSTORM :blink:

    The temperature is at refreshing +7 Celsius
  • Its pretty average here - although we are right next to the sea so can get some pretty harsh winds sometimes and the fog sneaks up like nobodies business - On friday it was like silent hill in easington!!

    It was really warm last week and its gone all crappy again now - wish it would make its mind up - i want the summer to arrive - I HATE THE COLD!!!
  • Cali has morphed back to its old ways of being sunny and nice. It's a perfect touch for the day of my birthday!! :tongue: I just hope it stays like this.
  • Well, it's in the 80's here I love it !!! I was getting pretty tired of the cold weather. Everything is so green and beautiful.
  • Here in Sydney (Nova Scotia not Australia) the weather is fairly normal. It does tend to be on the intense side, hot summers and cold winters, but it wasn't always like this. For some reason, just over the last 10 years, our climate somewhat started to change. Our summers were not too hot and our winters were not too cold. Some blame global warming, others Old Man Winters. But, the truth will never be known. :(
  • We've actually had Spring-like weather in my neck of the woods so far this Spring! (Maryland, USA)
    Of late it's been getting just about 70-ish degrees F during the days, and low 60's at night, partly to mostly cloudy and raining this evening. Wish it would get just a tad warmer, last week I planted some flower seeds and I want to see my little babies grow!!!!!! However, I'm certainly not complaing about the rain, the little babies will need that too. :D
  • Right now its cool at night and moderate during the day. It changes a lot, the whole east coast of Australia's weather is so unusual lately. I think it has something to do with global warming.
  • Just keeps getting hotter and hotter here as the middle of summer draws near. Leaving the Middle East and heading home in 4 weeks where it'll be the middle of winter :crybaby:

  • I live in North Dakota, you never know what's gonna happen up here. Today it reached around 90, last week on Thursday we had a chance of snow. That is no joke I promise, I work outside and last week I wore a t-shirt, flannel shirt, thermal shirt and a windbreaker. Today I was drenched in sweat wearing only a t-shirt.