Pc Games Section(omg)
  • Hey Everyone, here comes another useless post from me, Josh :)

    I'm a fairly big PC gamer, and i've noticed that we have expanded to Wii, Xbox as well as the original playstation. Not sure if you are going for a Console theme, however I wish to suggest a PC games section. Which one can use for talking about their favourite ganme, new games that are on the market and for frolicking in the meadows of love.

    What are everyones thoughts on a PC games section? Yay!, or Nay?
  • I think it's a good idea - as we have opened upto to XBox and Wii etc... I don't see why not. Has my backing!
  • While it's of no interest to me personally there probably are/ will be quite a few that would be into PC gaming. However, the main site is covering consoles only and the forum sections are set up to coincide with that. For the time being PC gaming talk can go into the Gaming Discussion area, where anything about gaming ( as long as it's legal ;) ) is a go.
  • It is a splendid idea!!!!

    Then it wil be an ABSOLUTE game site {not only console}.
  • I agree, a PC section would be a really good idea, how come noone thought of this before?
  • its a good idea might draw more people in but ther e are much more pc games than consle so it might take some time :59:
  • I also agree that adding a pc gaming section, eventually, would be a good idea, but I feel that that should wait a while. We've only just got ourselves back up and running with what we've got, and there's still plenty of work to be done, mostly by Jim, before more stuff is added. A pc gaming section will certainly be quite an undertaking, there are so many pc games out there, and those things can seem limitless when you play them!! Loads and loads of detail that you could never dream possible. It'll take some serious planning... then we'll have to get pc gamers in here who really know their stuff to help out... I only know "stuff" about the one game that I play, and while of course I'll help out in any way that I can in that arena, there are just tons and tons of others.

    So, yes, I agree that we should include a more comprehensive pc gaming section also, but not quite yet.

    *Looks around for her ladder to climb down off her soapbox.... someone took it while she wasn't looking!!*

    " Who took my ladder!?!?!!?!?" :crybaby:
  • I too am a very "yay" person for the Pc games section, but at this time I really must agree with Speedie and the others...there's just more than enough for Jim to handle right now! (some day our DAD won't have a real life of his own! ^^)

    Still, I leave you the thought that pc gaming, as an extremely larger world than console gaming, will draw many more of us in here...and that, I hope, it can only be good! A few years ago I was a console gamer only, but lately, I've turned the table a bit back and started to play pc games...and I'm loving it!

    In conclusion, yes I agree that we should include pc games in here (after all, they are older than console ones!) but let's give Jim the space and time for it!