The tiki heads are not cooperating.
  • OK, exactly how do I arrange the Tiki Heads & in what order to get the skill point?!
    It's one of the only skill points that I have left. (That & skateboarding, I suck at skating!)
    This mini-game is in Molten Craters. ;)
  •'s been a long time since I played this one...If I am remembering correctly you have to put all 5? heads on the platform where u start from....seems I had to do a bit of rearranging once I had 'em there...I'll pop the game in and make sure...but for now u could give it a shot :)
  • Yep, I finally figured that out. Thanx
  • Ooo...I hated that sk.boarding!!

    I'm sure u'll get it tho...G'luck...try not to throw the controller too often ;)

  • Santadog, you never write anymore...... what's up with that?