Member Competition Ideas
  • If you have any ideas for future competitions that you think other members would enjoy, please post them in this area.
  • Las Vegas Night - a night in the casino whoever wins the most there amount is trebled we could mention vegas casinos and change them a bit like bellagio could be bellagao

    Pop Idol Weekend - people sing there favourite songs or record there favourite songs and send it to one of three judges who ever wins gets couple hundred points

    Battle Of The Bands - if u have a band u can send a song of yours to the judge who would be doing it

    mini competions

    movie titles - change a word of a movie to make it sound funny which ever is the funniest wins

    song titles - same as movie titles but with songs
  • My idea is more towards a future war scenario. I think it would be great to have an alien vs. humanoid type war. The possibilities for battle sites and weaponry are as limitless as the universe itself. Battles on planetary colonies, home world invasions, space stations...the list goes on. Weapons like laser rifles, plasma grenades, comet launchers, alien viruses, crystaline daggers, etc. There are also ideas of defensive based weapons, designed to drain the enemy of STR rather than inflict HP damage. Gladiator like events with representatives from each side in an arena type battle for small rewards or team power ups. The possibilities are only limited to the battle system capabilities and our imaginations!

    A chance to create our own storyline complete with alien races, new worlds, unique technology and struggles on a universal level. We would write the history. How much fun would something like that be?
  • I second chargers idea of a non historical event, although it has been interesting playing out WW1 as it is, I feel that so much more could be brought into a game that had no limits.

    The Alien vs. Humanoid idea would be a good idea as far as I am concerned, a 'war of the worlds' so to speak.
  • I'm pretty sure this was mentioned somewhere by someone, but I don't remember the answer.

    What about bringing back trivia night? I know that I always had a blast in there and really got to know some of the members here. It was something you didn't have to be there for the whole event. You could just pop in, answer a few questions, or just visit with folks while you were there. It usually ran for the whole day (or most of it) and didn't require any supervision. I even remember at one point we could submit questions for game.

    Has any thought been given to bringing this back? Maybe once a month?