The Api Story...
  • I was talking to Jane (Oddish) in LiveChat just now and I stumbled across the idea of "The APi Story".

    A culmination of each familar face of APi and their story, brought together in a book, to make in inspiring tale. Also, maybe a bit of cash too, lol.

    Thats not really the point of it though, the idea of Tiff and Jane aka "Tarzan and Jane", finding each other through APi sparked the idea. I just figured there must be some decent tales out there, even though our lives are so different, at least once a week we log into this place and share our veiws of the world. Its hard to explain my idea in just one thread but I guess that is basically it.

    "An inspiring tale of friendship, life, love and posting"

    What do you all think? Im not saying we should do it, but its a nice idea, no? :D
  • It is a very nice idea indeed!!

    Because of this wonderful site, (back when it was APi many moons ago. M-O-O-N, that spells moon), I have been UBER blessed with what I consider to be a friend-for-life .
    I won't mention any names, but WB knows who he is.

    Ya know how sometimes when you meet someone ya just click... and sometimes that click is so loud, not only you can hear it, but others around you can too? That's what it was like when I *met* this beautiful gentleman here.

    That was a few years ago now, and he's been the most awe-inspiring blessing to me... well, so much so that I can't even begin to put it into words, but I tell ya, God was suuuuuuuuure liking me that day when he put WB into my life!! (:hug: to you Dearest Buddy!!!)

    Lethal, this is a fabulous idea!!! I'd love to read about all the uplifting things this site has done in people's lives! :clap:
  • I think it is a terrific idea, I know there are many folk here that I would consider almost "family"......and for others I would consider international shipping of a donkey (Hint: Her name rhymes with Jane :D).
  • Sounds like a good idea. Don't know how thrilled people would be about hearing about my life here on APi...but I gotta say I could most definately attribute my adolescent growth to this site.

    Can't say I've had any "wedding type" clicks with guys here (like tiff and oddy)..but I have dated a few guys here. (and flirted with a few others :wub: )

    I like the idea. Count me in!
    Should you actually do it..
  • Oh yeah... this could be interesting... I must say that no one really cares about my life here, though. It's a long and boring story. Especially weird considering it was nearly 5 years ago.... Crazy, I know.

    Edit - Ok, wow.... I joined on May 8, 2001 according to my old account... so it has been over 5 years since I joined. I have gone through a lot of stuff with this site..... Crazy stuff, good stuff, bad stuff.... I have spent most of my life outside of my dad's house at this site. It is hard to imagine that.

    Edit 2 - One thing that I will always remember, no matter how long from now I think of it again. It's the fact that everyone here, no matter where they're from, or what they believe in, or what language is their main one, we have never let that get in the way of friendly chatting. There are not many places in real life that you can find that, let alone on the internet. I spent a lot of my time helping people during my first stint here: from gaming to real life, and from real life to anything and everything. Most people would look at 3 years spent helping people for no pay as a waste, whereas I look at it as a blessing. I think of you all as family and friends, and I love you all.
  • I think its a fantabulous idea - and its great how you can click with sooo many people from around the world. The power of the internet is truly a womderful thing.

    I have people on here i consider my close friends!! Tiff (obviously), red, matty, Mr ed!!, lynny, lola, speedie and the rest of the posse!!

    I always beleived you were never gonna meet 'the one' in a nightclub or at a pub - you have to be friemds with them first and considering tiff was the first person i spoke to on here 6YEARS ago!! And our friendship and feelings have pretty much bubbled on since then, 6 years of taking the p!ss outta each other, learning we like a lot of the same stuff - secret texts when i was supposed to be at a family meal with my ex lol!! It was amazing how one new years eve when no one else would text me get well soon coz i was stuck in bed sick it then dawned on me how sweet he really was!! We have had some great times together and tiff himself will tell you ive helped him through the two worst times of his life. We survived it and are stronger than ever - I can honestly say ive fallen in love with my best friend :crybaby:

    :wub: Bless you all - you are all invited to the wedding lol!!! But if i don't get my donkey................. :bash:

    Oh and tiff - You steal ANY of this for your speech and ill kill ya!!! Make your own up you lazy bum!!!
  • You know, now that I think about it...The APi story would have to be a series. There would be no way we could all fit our own personal little stories in a small chapter type setting like Chicken Soup.

    We should have a series! And each chapter in our individual books could have to do with one user and so on and so forth until we've covered pretty much our "family". Or each other's users family...y'know what I mean? ^_^ Each one of us could probably write a book itself on all of our experiences here which have still yet to reach an end.

    I consider each one of you my family in your own strange sort of way...and would probably end up writing a massive book on my "book" because I have sooo many stories with all of you.

    Love ya'll. :wub:
  • This is a book that I would buy and actually read. I have made some great friends here and I am sure I will make more, sure some may not have come back yet but I am sure we will see them in time. I love going back to old threads and "catching" up on old times. Don't forget that there is more than one page to each of the areas here.

    I joined November 11th 2001 and was actually a member here before that but due to some computer problems I had to re-register. It hard to believe that it has been almost 5 years, seems just like yesterday. :D

  • Top idea Lethal :punk: Met quite a few people on this site and although I've never met anyone in person, It would be great to catch up and have a few beers. Can't say I thought of dating anyone on this site, although when I posted back in 2003 I was still married.... So if there's any single babes in the Adelaide area,,,, we could "make some ACI history" :devilish: :wub:
  • Sounds good ^^
    That being said, my history is more of a.... troublesome one.
    A change of tone none the less perhaps.
    A story of love, gaming and growing up- The CD story. :laugh: