Monty python rules!
  • Hey are there any other Monty Python fans out there I have 3 of their cassttes and 2 Videos and a CD anyone else like them?

  • I do...I don't have anything but The Holy Grail, and I haven't seen it in ages...but I do think that most of the time they're hilarious...:D
  • mychele
    Would I be right in saying that you are in the minority?
  • hey isn' there a movie too i saaw someof it that movie was kinda ahhh hmmm... little to much singing and people taking there cloths off he he hae fun postin.!! :) :thumbsup:
  • [quote]Would I be right in saying that you are in the minority?
  • Mopnty Python RULES!! Ill give you guys some quotes.

    1) lady-eww spam!!
  • [b]I've only seen monty and the holy grail, but that movie was totally hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • [b]King of the who?

    None shall pass

    'tis but a flesh wound
    no it's not
    yes it is!
    your bl00dy arm is missing

    Spam, spam & chips, egg, spam & chips, beans & spam, spam spam spam & spam
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    (I hope that this doesn't count as spamming)

    'He's not the messiah! He's a very naughty boy!'
  • Hand over your lupins!

    Go fetch me a shrubbery!

    Didn't hurt! Didn't hurt!

    Spam spam spam spam......

    "I'm a lumberjack and I'k okay, I work all night and I sleep all day"

    He's been a very naughty boy so p!ss off!

    Fwee Woderick!

    And now a massage from the Swedish Prime Minister!
  • I was watching Comedy Central yesterday & came to the conclusion that my fav. comedy seems to be non-American.
    Monty Python would be the king. I started watching it when I was a kid, saw all the movies & even bought the Rutles albums. :cool:
    My other fav. was Second City TV(Canadian) & now I really like Kids In The Hall(Also Canadian). :thumbsup:
  • Of course, who could forget one of thier most famous songs:

    Sit on my Face

    The words:

    "Sit on my face, and tell me that you love me.
    I'll sit on your face and tell you I love you, too.
    I love to hear you oralize,
    When I'm between your thighs;
    You blow me away!

    Sit on my face and let my lips embrace you.
    I'll sit on your face and let my love be truly.
    Life can be fine if we both sixty-nine,
    And we'll sit on our faces in all sorts of places and play,
    'Till we're blown away!"

    The song:

  • All I can say any of you that cant understand the MP humor are just standin around bangin a couple of coconuts together so I will fart in your general direction you staffy English Pig Dogs!
  • Monty Python and The Goodies and The Paul Hogan show and of course, The Benny Hill show were all "must see TV" for me in my teens.
  • " I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries."

    "are you feeling better?"
    "better? better get a bucket I'm going to throw up."

    Any of you lot seen Fawlty towers? John Cleese v. funny :)
  • WITCHES!!!!

    And what else floats?

    And very small rocks
    And pieces of wood

    Right, and what does that mean?

    Witches are made of wood!!!

    Yes, I do indeed enjoy Monty Python, I haven't seen any in quite a while, so pardon me if my quotes are slightly (or majorly) incorrect.
  • Kentucky it is actually WITCHES!!! and what else do you burn apart from witches? MORE WITCHES!
    And also to flick the switch I am actually AUSTRALIAN (and understand the monty python humor".

    By the way everyone owes me a shubbery! otherwise you will never pass through this post...ALIVE. And when you do that I want another shubbery! (with a path and a level effect, and not TOO expensive!) And if you complete these tasks you must cut down the largest tree in the forest with....... A HERRING!

    Yes Flick I have also seen Fawlty Towers very good comedy aswell!
  • Hey any one that wants some fun stuff to do or some funny stuff to look at check this out

    just check out there is some funny stuff there aswell as scripts for the movies!

    check out the Libs here is mine

    'And it came to pass that Saint John Cleese was taken from this place
    to another place.
  • Leathal_Injection
    Knew you were from Down Under, and every-body knows they've got a good sense of humour, which explains kangeroos, home and away, Paul Hogan etc...etc...

  • Monty Python is hilarious and the funniest part of a film of the top of my head is the bit where tiff has quoted from where they are fighting in the forest and the person that won't let the onther person gets all his limbs chopped of and still won't give in, i was crying with laughter at the part :D
  • Monty,Monty,,Monty,,,I still laugh to this day ,,Benny Hill is also a favorite that keeps me chuckling..... :laugh3:
  • [quote]All the German people I spoke to about this also loved Faulty Towers, especially one particular sketch for some strange reason
  • "The Germans" has to be one of the funniest episodes of ANY television sitcom![/b]

    I have to agree with you there Lucifer with ''The German'' episode being the best. I also really enjoyed the episode where sybil has walked out on Basil and Basil pretends to his friends she is ill in bed.

    And did you know ''The German'' episode was the only episode with no sign outside the hotel at the begining.
  • Just to put this tread back on track it is about Monty Python not Faulty Towers. :heart: (This is not a complaint, or moan, just an observation, I followed the thread in the bar)
  • Monty Python!YEAH!
    Me and some friends at school made a board game out of the movie Monty Python and the holy graile. It was really cool. We took actually seens from the movie, using the dvd, and pasted them on the gameboard and made up all these funny cards with quotes on them and stuff. It was really cool.
  • sounds like an interesting game, bad boy. if u lose, does a rabid rabbit tear u to shreads?
  • Just to add a couple of random quotes in:

    'Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more.'

    and of course

    'Crack suicide squad reporting!'
  • A number of people are breaking the law... someone call the church police!

  • And now for something, Completely Different !!

    "Hey come back here...............I'll, I'll bite your ankles." (said the head)

    Ha ha Monty Python, brilliant !
  • [b]I just watched monty python and the life of brian...compared to the holy sucked big time!!!
  • That's obviously the opinion of a malodorous, toffee-nosed pervert!
  • Hey I didnt evern know this post was still running! This is pretty good! Anyway I would have to say english humor is the funniest, after that probalbly aussie humour!
  • Got to love them they never get old...
  • thats coz they eat ham and jam and spam a lot!!!!!!!

    I love monty python, the holy grail being my favourite film!!!
  • Yea I really love monty python... It just rules! The holy grail is my favorite too... One of the best movies I ever seen...

    q:"What is your name?"
    a:"King Arthur of Camelot"
    q:"What is your quest?"
    a:"To find the holy grail"
    q:"What is the airfelocity of a swallow?"
    a:"What, an African or American swallow?"
    "What? I dont know tha AAAaaaahh"
  • LOLOL...I didn't even know about this post!!!!!...I love Monty...too bad in Portugal they just put it on tv for a short time and I didn't get to see much of it :( but Lethal is right, english humour rules!!!!!, eh!
  • Oh boy. Montey Python and the Holy Grail is the only Montey Python movie I've seen..but boy am I a fan. B)
  • I am probably one of the biggest fans of Monty Python ever

    Now stand aside worthy advisory
    Tis but a scratch
    A scratch? your arms off
    No it isn't
    Well whats that then?
    I've had worse
    You liar
    Come on ya pansy
    (lots more fighting then another arm comes off)
    Victory is Mine...................You may thank me Lord for didn't I know
    (Kick)Come on then
    Have it you!
    You are indeed brave sir knight but the fight is mine
    Oh had enough eh?
    Look you stupid B@$t@^d you've got no arms left
    Yes I have
    Just a flesh wound
    Look stop that!
    Look I'll have your leg................Right(Chops the knights leg off)
    Right I'll do you for that!
    You'll what?
    Come Here!!
    What are you gonna do bleed on me?
    I am invincible
    You're a looney
    The Black Knight always triumphs have it you.................Come on then
    (Chops his other leg off)
    Alright we'll call it a draw
    Come Patsy
    Oh oh I see running away eh? you yellow b@st@^d$ Come back here and take whats coming to you.................. Ill bite your legs off

    Sorry I had to rehearse the whole scene but it was just too funny and I couldn't help myself lol :lol: :rolleyes: :lol:
  • It was funny when the knight was still willing to fight when all that was left of him was his torso! :lol:

    Has anyone seen the lastest CD of Monty Python Skits??? Its called Monty Python - The Last Rip Off, got a lot of there good stuff on it!
  • Monty Pythom is far and above the greatest comic troupe ever to be. I have to say my favorite movie is the life of brian. "Always look on the bright side of life" is a killer tune. And the sherry sipping vicar is a great skit. I appreciate people who enjoy the satyrical humor of the Brits. :rolleyes:
  • This parrot is no more it has ceased to be if u hadnt nailed it to the pearch it would be pushin up the daisies

    whats ur favourite monty sketch?

    mine is probly the fish slapping dance
  • My fav is The Cannibals, very funny stuff!
  • Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government . Classic stuff !
  • LOL! And all my friends back in grade school thought I was a weirdo for quoting Monty Python. I would have to agree. MP DOES rule!

    But, of one can deny that John Cleese is classic in Faulty Towers either!
  • I have to agree with all sentiments expressed in this thread :D

    And at the mention of the great John Cleese, just had to share my "claim to fame" with everyone...

    I served John Cleese and his daughter when I was waitressing back in 1986 - I gave them a bottle of tomato ketchup!

  • In that case , I must make obeisance to the 'queen.

    signed - Olay fatang biscuit barrel
  • Monty Python is one of the best comedians EVER! If you think otherwise PM me :cunning:
  • Monty Python is one of the best comedians EVER![/b]

    Yep! I agree exiled! He's so funny and is the best comedian I've ever seen!
  • I got em all Baby, every single movie, The Holy grail is my favorite, oh and NI NI NI NI NI! :punk:
  • The Norwegian Blue.Beautifal plumage.Beautifal plumage?!It's stone dead!Oh no.It's pining for the fjords.Pining for the fjords!The only reason at all why it was sitting on it's perch was because it had been nailed to it!

    We're no longer the Knights who say "ni". We're now the Knights who say"icky icky icky fatang eeeuw zowzun.
  • hey i love monty python their so awesome my fav movie is the life of brian

    "Always look on the bright side of life" :clap:
  • Watched 'Life of Brian' a few weeks ago for the first time and what a classic.

    Made me sore the way I laughed.
  • awsome movies and soundtacks!! Monty Python kicks major Butt-age!!


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