Car Stories?
  • So in honor of what happened to me tonight..I wanted to know if any of you all have had a bad car incident? Anything really.

    Tonight, I was visiting my boyfriend at his school and was driving my 1987 Honda Accord and as I was backing out of a parking place in his school parking lot I placed the gear into drive and my car jerked so hard I thought I was gonna hit the horn with my head and when I pressed on the gas and the car didn't go just revved. My boyfriend thought I blew the transmission so he got out and told me to shift it to neutral and he attempted to push it. He kept telling me to straighten out and I kept telling him I was straightened and he discovered that something was wrong with my steering.

    Turns out an axle that controls the right front wheel broke so my car was running on three wheels and one wheel was bearing all the weight in the front. Really scary incident. Had to leave my car there since I couldn't get it towed. Thankfully it didn't happen while i was on the would have been scarier..but it was nonetheless very traumatizing. :blink:
  • Woah. That sounds pretty nasty there red, could have been really bad if something had gone wrong whilst you were driving.


    Hope you are ok!

    I havent had any bad car crash experiences, although I was coming off a roundabout once, I had my blinker on and everything and an old lady in a small car tried to do through the round about right ahead of me. I had to break and let her go otherwise I would have run her through. That was pretty freaky.

    The only other thing was, when I was working for a glass company once and I was helping make some glass deliveries in one of the glass trucks. You may have seen them around, they have the angled frames on the side for the glass to sit in with the braces sitting in front of the glass.

    Anyway, the driver went to go around this corner and a car came around a corner to his right really fast and headed in his direction (he was heading for the side of the truck) the driver didnt see him coming and pulled out. The car ran head on into the side of the truck and smashed all of the glass, bringing most of it down onto his car. It was pretty freaky but I wasnt in any read danger so I was fine.

    Man, thats a'lotta glass.
  • One evening about this time 10 years ago, i was driving home from work, i was in a bit of a hurry (and i was in my early 20's!!). Its was about 16 miles from work to home and i averaged about 70 mph on a 60 mph restriction!! I was passing everything that i cam up behind and didnt have a care in the world.

    I breaked up to pull off the road into the lane that led to my home and the bottom ball joint on the drivers side suspension collapsed.

    Basically what this means is that at the speed of about 5 mph the drivers side front wheel fell off my car and it couldnt be moved. It took 3 hours to rebuild the car on the side of the road enough that i could get it to my garage - about 30 yards away -in order to fix it.

    when i got the car into the garage i sat down and shook uncontrollably for nearly an hour. i harmed neither myself or the car when the wheel fell off at 5mph but if it had fallen off when i was passing other vehicles etc at 70 plus mph ..................................

    Needless to say the suspensions on my cars get checked regularly now.
  • QUOTE(Majik @ May 25 2006, 03:37 AM) [snapback]63887[/snapback]

    when i got the car into the garage i sat down and shook uncontrollably for nearly an hour. i harmed neither myself or the car when the wheel fell off at 5mph but if it had fallen off when i was passing other vehicles etc at 70 plus mph ..................................

    Needless to say the suspensions on my cars get checked regularly now.


    I know what you mean there majik. Could barely hold it together when my car collapsed on me. Boyfriend wasn't too much help for me either.

    Parents were very thankful I wasn't hurt and that I called them right away. Best friend also offered to come and pick me up since I called her also saying I was stuck! Really is encouraging to see the true nature of people when things like this happen. ^_^
  • Really glad to hear that your o.k. As for the car I really think they have minds of their own sometimes. About 8 or 9 years ago I was driveing back from a friends place and I was doing about 65 or 70 mph when all of a sudden it felt like I had a flat tire so I started to slow down and my whole front passenger tire went rolling across the road.
    It snapped the lug nuts right off and rolled down in the ditch, thank goodness there was a car a few miles back that saw what happened and stopped. That could have been a bad mess.
  • I mentioned this in the little known facts thread but it deserves the full story. It's not a "car" story, but it was a horrible accident.

    When I was 17, a friend and I were riding on his Vespa heading home from a night at a dance club. We were about 1 mile from his house when a car coming towards us began to swerve. We slowed and pulled over to the shoulder of the road, and when the car seemed to straighten up, we began to pull back onto the road. The next thing I knew, I was lying in the middle of the road. We had been hit head on by a drunk driver. My friend was lying in the road too and the Vespa was nowhere in sight. He was moaning slightly but not moving. I looked up the road and saw headlights coming towards us. I pulled myself out of the middle of the road, fearing we might get run over. That car stopped and the driver got out. I asked them to call an ambulance and they did at a nearby house.

    My friend was taken by lifeflight to UCSD Trauma center. He had a compound fracture of the Tibia, a punctured kidney and lung, and was in a coma for 4 days. I was lucky, being the passenger I was thrown over and onto the car, rather than into the front of the Vespa. I tore my Abductor Magnus, which is permanently contracted in my leg, cracked three ribs, bruised my chest and left elbow and suffered a concussion. I also broke a toe. They told us our accident was the equivalent of falling off a four story building.

    We both lived to tell this story despite the fact neither of us were wearing helmets. The law did not require them at the time. The woman who hit us was taken to a women's detention facility where she tested .19 on a breathalyzer, almost 2 1/2 times the legal limit. From the police investigation, the point of impact determined she was completely in our lane at the time of the collision.

    The moral of this story... Don't drink and drive and always wear a helmet when riding motorcycles. You may not be as lucky as we were.
  • That's a very traumatizing story there charger. Glad to hear you're okay after all that ordeal. My brother got arrested for drunk driving a few years back when he was 17 and I hate to say it, but he didn't learn his lesson until that incident. I'm glad to hear you're allright.
  • Red glad your ok - charger i remember you tellin me that story in live chat am just sooo glad you are ok!!

    Touch wood have never had anything THAT bad happen when driving - i hope and pray it never does. Although having the car exhaust DROP OFF half way down the avenue after picking up some garlic bread on xmas eve knowing no garages would be able to help even tho we were supposed to be driving 150 miles the day after to go me mums was scary enough!

    I remember watching when my uncles car got hit by this plonker right outside were i used to work. This guy and his wife hit him side on (my uncle was in the right) and the woman in the car who hit him had an unrestrained child sat on her knee - what an idiot!
  • Last monday I went down to my car to go to class. I turned to back up when I noticed a whole as big as a softball in my rear passenger side door. It cost me $200 to fix the other day. Seems like every time I turn around I have to buy fix some kind of problem on my car. :(
  • I am a truck driver by trade and drive around the city day in day out, and as a result have seen many wacky, crazy things. One of the most memorable was waiting at a light at a really busy intersection when an elderly woman opposite pulled out into her opposite lane, proceeded to amble along the wrong lane through the intersection (against the light and in a slightly wavy line) eventually pulling back over and continuing along her way. You could see the look of disbelief on many peoples faces, having been witness to this event. It was a twilight zone moment. I'm so glad my Grannie doesn't drive anymore.
    Chargerfanch's experience with the Vespa strikes close to home as my personal vehicle is a 400 CC Yamaha motorcycle. Remeber kids, helmets are cool. I've had a few experiences on that also, but using my super powers, I naturally escaped unharmed.
  • Yeah great advice James - bikers should defiantely wear helmets, they are truely life-savers.

    Hilarious moment on the way to work the other morning, was driving along and a friend of mine I work with was waiting to pull out of the petrol station as I drove past him, anyway I carried along and stopped at the roundabout just before work, when the bugger steamed around on my inside and under-taked me! He then proceeded to steam around the little roads upto work, then turning the last corner in the car-park before you reach the staff parking - it was a very wet morning and the wheels of his classic mini skidded everywhere as he was blatantly going to fast - and in an empty car park managed to bang it into the big metal trolley park you put your trolleys.


    Teach him to show off! Couple of hundred quids worth of damage and he has to ride his pushbike to work for the next week or two!! And boy did everybody have a laugh at work LOL, an empty carpark except for this mini wrapped around the lone trolley park hehe!
  • This story should probly be in the phobias thread, but anyway... Driving into work a few years ago in peak hour traffic, I suddenly realised I had a passenger on board, an eight legged passenger who happened to be a foot away from my face climing down the edge of the windscreen (inside the car) :blink:
    My irrational response was to let go of my steering wheel stamp my feet up and down and make a loud"AAAAAAAAAHHHHH" sound as my car crossed two lanes of Adelaide bound traffic :unsure:

    Amazingly I didn't hit a thing. The large Huntsman Spider disapeared under the dash somewhere. Couldn't find him after pulling over at the nearest servo either. I don't mind spiders too much and usually catch any I find and place them outside but in close confines, well, nuff said ;)
  • Better a spider than a wasp I would say. Either way, nothing like a big surprise when you're motoring away happily down the road.
  • QUOTE(James VanB. @ Jun 27 2006, 04:05 PM) [snapback]66350[/snapback]

    Better a spider than a wasp I would say. Either way, nothing like a big surprise when you're motoring away happily down the road.

    Yes, spot on. Huntsman spiders are harmless compared to a wasp. Although they can bite I don't believe there are any adverse side effects and yet irrational as it sounds I would be more freeked out by a spider than a wasp :blink:
  • im sorry digger i giggled a bit

    i rolled a motorbike once being a ######, got covered in glass got up and walked away. only got grazes....was very VERY lucky for that...i had no helmet