• My ps2 slimline is only one month old. It makes a loud humming noise. Is this normal?

    Sorry if this has been posted already. :(
  • Have you tried cleaning dust out of the air vents in the thing? It's possible that could be the cause. A quick bit around with the vacuum hose will do the trick.
  • I read an article in the UK OPS2 mag a few months ago which mentioned a problem with a batch of the battery packs that caused the PS2 Slimline to over heat. They listed the serial numbers and said that Sony had a recall on those models at no charge.

    You may be able to find more info on Sony's official web page.
  • Their is no dust in the vents.

    I already checked the battery recall numbers, and mine is made after the recall was made. The noise is coming from the area where you put the disk into. It does not get hot. The noise is so loud that I have to turn up the tv just to hear my game.
  • Ok then- sounds like something is amiss in the drive itself. best give Sony's techies a call on this one. Being only a month old you're still under warranty and should be no charge for repair/ replacement. Number is in the user guide.
  • Krem, its possible that your CD's arent resting evenly on the spindle? When exactly does the humming occur? As soon as you turn on the console or when the disc is inserted and begins to spin? If it is when the disk begins to spin you may need to insure the spindle is pressed down and not popped up or uneven.

    If this isnt the problem it is most likely the fan inside the console. If it is a belt system the belt may be loose or worn, if not it may be running irregularily due to some electronic defect or physical defect.

    Not sure if I can think of anything else.
  • The sounds starts when I open the game. Sometimes it goes on and off during the game. I make sure the disk is down all the way before i turn on the machine. I am sure this is a weird problem for ya.