• i am looking for gameshark codes for smackdown 2. i just bought the gameshark today and am not completely sure how to use it. Why are there numbers and then quetion marks at the end of some of them?
  • Those codes with the question marks are called wild card codes.Depending on the numbers you place where the question marks are the effects will be different.

    To use the 'Shark have it plugged into the memory card port when you turn on the system.You'll come to a screen where you can enter the codes.Once you're done you'll be brought to the game.

    You should be able to find every GameShark code available for Smackdown 2 at the official web site (the address should be on the packaging).We do have a few codes here.As you will see they haven't been tested by the person who submitted them.Maybe you'd be able to let us know if they work? :wave: