PSX mobile monitor
  • Has anyone used the portable monitor that connects to the back of the PSX? I would like to get one for when I head out of town, but at a price of &#36150.00, I'd like some info as to whether it is worth it or not before purchasing one.

  • Welll if your going out of town why dont you just plug it in when you get there and play. personally I think it isnt worth it but then again I never have to get one cause I have a tv installed in my moms van:)
  • Will the PS1 screen work with a PS2?

    If so it would be worth getting
  • [b]From what i've seen of some testing reports elsewhere,it works with the PS2 just fine.In some cases the picture quality was improved.

    I don't know if the thing is really a worthwhile purchase,unless you do a fair bit of travelling and want to take it with you.
  • there is really no point in getting one because the display on them is really poor.
  • it is kool for playing in the car at NIGHT an that is about it...