War And Family History
  • Since the current theme is World War One, and we are in the midst of battle I thought it might be good to bring out some of the reality of war. Does anyone here have family members who have participated in any war? Or maybe you have fought in a war yourself, if your old... thats not directed at anyone in particular *cough* chris *cough*

    Both of my grandfathers were in the war, my mothers father was in the infantry in WW2, and my fathers father was in the Navy. I also have several uncles that are currently enlisted in the armed forces. I also used to do bowhunting just down the road, and I know quite a few guys from there who were in the Vietnam war.

    Thats about it for me, but Im sure that someone else has some better contributions.

    Out of respect.

    Rest In Peace fallen soldiers of all armies, cultures and countries.
  • My Grandfather was one of the original "Desert Rats" and the film The Desert Rats is totally B.S. Was captured & released after torture and isn't talked much within my father's side of the family as when he came back he couldn't handle the pressure of normal life, he used to hit his wife as a release, but my dad being a big f**ker when he got older only had to hit him back once and that all stopped. Made my dad the biggest hard man with a huge heart that I knew. My dad had a spell in the R.A.F. but had to leave due to a damaged ear.

    Got an uncle who served in Africa when young and his now son is still in the army & location is not known due to security. Lee (his son & my cousin) has seen active duty 4 times & currently works along the lines of Light Infantry/Engineeriers (blow sh!t up!!)
  • my great great uncle benny was a soilder and my great grandma when she was alive was one of the women who worked in the ammunition factories.

    I have been approached to be a Pharamcy Technician in the RAF - but it has never appealed to me. If i was gonna do it id want to be flying the big guns!!

    I wish i had the chance to meet Tiff's mam and dad!! :(
  • Well I'm Swedish and so are my ancestors. In Sweden we don't go to war, we havn't for some 250 years atleast. My mothers father was in the army anyhow, he died before I was born but I hear he was a great paper pusher.
  • None of my relatives actually went to war. My relatives were German and Eskimo. German relatives moved to America at the start of WW1 (the real World War 1). The Eskimo side has been in Alaska since they crossed the major landbridge. ;)

    There's also a bit of Cherokee Indian in me too though I don't know exactly what wars those indians fought in..or if they ever fought at all. :unsure:

    My grandpa and great uncles were drafted for WW2 when it happened and they all protested it and got sent to jail.

    The only relative in a war type thing would be my cousin whom was stationed in Kuwait with the US Marines. He has finished his tour of duty, and returned home a month ago.
  • my uncle on mum mums side (nannas bro) was a german army spy for australia who had to change his legal name to stay here...he went all over the world. he doesnt talk at all about the things that happened or what he did to get information out of people. when he does no one speaks for the rest of the night. he has alot of kool pictures of egypt and stuff.

    my pop on mums side was an electrical engineer in jets and the like brought over from germany too because of my uncle....he mainly was based on an island just ouside of PNG i think. he doesnt mind talking of the war cos he hardly got to kill anyone.

    my pop on dads side also went, he was a lieutenant in the australian army. he used to bash my nanna and got onto the booze. only dad made peace with him before he died and i have 5 uncles on dads side

    all lived tho pop on dads side died just after i was born cos of the war.
  • My grandfather on my mum's side was in the British navy in the 2nd world war. My grandfather on my dad's side was is the British Army regement known as the Buffs. He was left for dead and later captured by German troops during the allied retreat at Dunkirk. He spent most of the duration of the war in various P.O.W camp which was a hellish experience. When he returned to "sunny" England, he was on a six month rehab program to feed him up due to the barbaric hell holes he was imprisoned in...
  • Most of my uncles on my Dad's side of the family were in one branch of the military or another, but only one uncle (Ted, who was in the navy) was in WWII. He didn't have much to say about it, other than to joke about how, the reason he was bald was because of the high winds when he was standing out on deck. Silly Uncle Ted.

    I have a brother-in-law who is currently retired Army but works as a consultant, and he's been in Iraq a lot lately, training and other stuff that he couldn't tell me about or else he'd have to kill me. :blink: He's been in Desert Storm as well. Man, that guy is amazing!!! One of those "big hard men with a huge heart" that Tiff was talking about.

  • My mothers father fought through the hills in Italy during WWII. He took a bullet in the calf and shrapnel up his whole backside from a mortar shell. He recieved the Purple Heart and the Silver Star. My fathers father was in the Navy during WWII but never saw any action.

    My father was in the Air Force for 25 years during the cold war, he started his career manning capsules in LCFs (launch control facility) that's where the nukes are launched. He then was Chief Mobility Officer for the 91st SMW (strategic missle wing) here at Minot Air Force Base until his retirement.