If psone get hot get stuck
  • I clean the laser lent, but when I play around 45 minutes my ps get stuck and the sound its li
  • I can't see the disc drive getting bad on a PSOne already,but that's what it sounds like to me.Out of curiosity what is the system sitting on when you play?If it's on a carpeted floor that would be a reason for the overheating.The system really should be set on a hard surface like a table or tv stand.This will help with the air circulation through the system and help prevent overheating.
  • One quick question. What did you clean the laser lens with? Unless you used a cleaning device that is for laser lens then it could be possible that this is why it isn't working. :thumbsup:
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  • thanks I had my ps one over the vcr all the time, now it is in the floor (cement) isn
  • I think you may have hit the answer to your problem-"the chip" :mad: .I should tell you now that in no circumstance whatsoever do we condone using the mod chip.Check the topic pinned at the top of this particular forum for the details.
  • Dude, the :mad: Mod Chip :mad: Is garunteed to shorten the life of your system.
  • um sometimes my ps one freezes on breath of fire 4 because a kid named Deaggeo scrathched it with a twig
  • A scratched CD is fairly easy to get fixed.Some cd and game stores offer disc resurfacing which will restore the disc to like-new playability.
  • how much dose it cost ??
  • Prices vary but generally it will cost between $19.99 Usd and $34.99. I would recommend a Disc Doctor that you should be able to find in any of your local electronic shops and/or game shops. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • The cost would vary depending on who you go to but it is somewhere around $10 here (it's been awhile since having one done for me so that price is more of a guess).Ask around your local game stores to see if they offer this and how much they charge.
  • cool thanx mdhtr and lynden m staff
  • Culd the ps1 get hot if you played it all day? One time I was playing a game then it started to freeze. I went to check my ps1 and I touched it and it was hot. It was on a hard place to: my self. Any info on this?
  • Most definitely-that's one of the reasons it is recommended to take a break after a couple of hours.It is a lot easier both on the system and on yourself.