Movie Quiz!(prizes)
  • the first person to get 10 out of 10 i will give 3 peanuts and 1 milk the first person to get 9 out of tean will get 2 peanuts,PLEASE DONT CHEAT BY SEARCHING FOR THE ANSWERS ,U WILL ONLY BE CHEATING YOURSELF ,i will send u a pm with your score on good luck!!p.s (u only get one go)

    1:which famous singer starred along side mel gibson in mad max 3?

    a bryan adams

    b anthea turner

    c tina turner

    d kelly clarkson

    e puff daddy

    2:Which celebrity big brother(uk) contestont starred in the arny film red sonja?

    a Denis rodman

    b Bridgette neelson

    c Bez

    d Michael barrymore

    e makosi

    3: In toy story who did the voice of woody?

    a rowan aktinson

    b tim allen

    c arny

    d tom hanks

    e john cleese

    4:When was monty pythons "the life of brian" released?

    a 1980

    b 1979

    c 1978

    d 1976

    e 1975

    5:When was "shrek" released?

    a 1999

    b 2000

    c 2001

    d 2002

    e 2003

    6:Who directed the new "KING KONG" movie?

    a steven speilberg

    b quentin tarintino

    c peter jackson

    d wes craven

    7:Which of these is NOT a speilberg film?

    a jurassic park 3

    b saving private ryan

    c e.t

    d the terminal

    e war of the worlds

    8: who made the incredibles?

    a pixar

    b disney

    9: who played the oringal batman

    a george clooney

    b adam west

    c tom hanks

    d me

    10: Who was in the costume for the head predator in "alien vs predator"

    a a basketball player

    b a football player

    c a rugby player

    d a netball player
  • 1. Tina Turner
    2. Bridgette nielsen
    3.Tom Hanks
    4. 1979
    6.Peter Jackson
    7. Jurassic Park 3
    8. pixar. Pixar did the animation but disney released it
    9.Adam West
    10. Basketball
  • ok, be honest did u cheat?because its not really fair on me when i said not to cheat and theres prizes to be won
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