Playing NTSC games in PAL PS1
  • Dear members,

    I am from India. I have bought a playstation 1 from UK. It is a PAL compatible. I am not able to play the games which I bought from USA, it is NTSC compatible. Can you please tell me what should I do if I want to play NTSC compatible games also in the PAL compatible Playstation 1.

    Please gimme detailed information about this.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • There isn't a way for this to be possible. Check a little further down the PSX game help area to see.
  • Yes there is away but i don't know if i can mention that a pal convertor can do the job incase i get banned ;)
    I don't see how this could get me banned as it is used for imported ntsc games, oh well.


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  • Quote (Evil Resident @ July 24 2001,08:20)
    Yes there is away but i don't know if i can mention that a pal convertor can do the job incase i get banned ;)[/b][/quote]
    QUOTE] i wuld have to agree with the evil resident. u can use a pal converter to do the job. i think they are expensive but i am not sure.
  • :ph34r:

    there are ways to play Ntsc games in Pal PSone..
    cause i also from india (calcutta) got my PSone from berlin.. at first i could play no games other than the original black cdz... which werent available in cal at that time (2yrzback)..i then took on a modchip i can play pal pirated cdz...and those cdz who have an option of Pal/Ntsc selector.
    so... i pesterd the modchip ppl to do something about that....some great person gave me all the files and swares to convert Ntsc games to Pal formats.....but i dont have time/blank cds/computer/and a cdwriter to do all that and xperiment the procedure.
    well if anyone of you is risking to venture out the thing.. u can get the s wares from me.
    you just have to make an ISo copy of the ntsc game--(thru a s ware givien by them)...and den add a patch to make it convert into pal format..(again by a s ware given by them)
    so....anybody for a game ??
    am in pune right now.
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    well i had guessd it once :(
    no problemo...
    no more about that :)
  • A converter is no good to you if your Playstation cannot play NTSC games.

    A converter is only useful if you are trying to play a NTSC game on a PAL television (and TV is not NTSC compatible) or PAL game on a NTSC television (and TV is not PAL compatible).