Sick People !
  • This one really pi**es me off. A little over a week ago a 3 year old girl was kidnapped here. I live in Minot N.D. we have a population of maybe 50,000 including our Air Base. Things like that don't happen here.

    It gets worse, this SOB who took her wasn't a relative. He was dating the little girls Aunt who had legal custody. They found him 4-5 days later. He had committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. Now nobody knows the whereabouts of this poor child. Even though I believe she'll never be found alive, there is no closure for the family. Right now they're draining parst of our river and scraping our landfill 6" at a pass to find her body.

    I guess the reason this ticks me off so much is the little girl trusted this a-hole and had faith in him. I don't live in a Metropolis, and we don't have crime to speak of up here. This character was recently released from prison and I wonder about the councelling he recieved while in the walls and why the councellors never saw a warning sign before releasing him into the public.

    Anyone who wants to victimize the weaker has no place in the world I want to live in :g:
  • I agree, its appalling that things like that can happen. Its just not normal nor fair, you would think that the psychologist would pick up that he both had intent to murder and depression/ intent to commit suicide before his release from prison. Its truly sad to hear stories like that, I wish things like that didnt happen but there are some really sick people out there sadly.
  • I am sorry for the trauma Minot is facing. I know you have two girls of your own so I can imagine the impact it is having on them. I know you've taught them to be careful but I feel for you. The thought of you having to explain it to them makes me sad. We all support you here.

    What was he released from prison for doing? Hopefully not a sex offender. I'll bet the Aunt is devastated. I live in a town similar to Minot so I know the affect these types of things have on the community. We all hope for a safe return of this poor child. At least the creep who did this is dead, although I wish he had a more painful death than carbon monoxide poisoning.

    There are some sick people in the world. This looks like another case of the criminally insane slipping through the cracks of the justice system. Happens way too often, unfortunately.
  • Over here in the u.k there always something happening ,murderers,robbers,kidnappers,drug addicts where i live nothing major happens but theres some big crime happens every year like murder some guy one or two year ago choked and stabbed his girlfreind to death went to court just sweared at them, then went to prison, next day hung himself
  • Well,to give a little more of the story: The aunt had custody of the little girl.The aunt was seeing this guy. The little girl was last at home on May 16th. The guys mom lived on base and he would take the girl there to spend time with his mom. The morning of the 23rd the guy was found dead in the aunts supposed stolen mini van. In the mean time the mother of the guy that lived on base moved out of state on the 19th. So far things don't add up!!!

    Now the aunt didn't contact police for several days after she noticed that the girl was gone. Her story was I didn't suspect anything cause he always took the girl to his moms for a few days but when I realize he had stolen my minivan and couldn't be contacted I called the police.

    Just the other day they had a press release with the mother of the little girl and the aunt. You could tell the mother was completely shook up but the aunt, she didn't appear to be to shook up,at all.

    So like I said I just don't buy the story so far. Why would the guy steal the girl-friends (aunt) minivan, kill the little girl or whatever he did with her and then park the mini van out in the middle of nowhere and take the time to run a hose into the van and kill himself with carbon minoxide?? It just don't add up. And the cops have been to his mothers (who moved 4 days before he was found dead) place in whatever state it was she moved to twice to see if she has the little girl. So far nothing.
  • Its shocking but it makes you wonder if the aunt had anything to do with it. It makes theings even worse for the family not knowing if she was involved or could have picked up signs that this guy was gonna do anything. Although i guess it would never enter anyones head that anyone could do such a thing.

    The not having closure must be devestating. Reminds me of the Soham murders over here a few years back. That was 2 little girls that got abducted and it was the caretaker at their school and their teaching assistant (his partner) who had done it. (she got accessory and has since been released.) This gut (ian huntley) spoke to all the press saying he was the last one they had seen alive (they had been seen chatting to him on CCTV) but it took weeks before the police found the bodies and linked them to him

    My thoughts are with the little girls family and hope she is found
  • Well, the news just got over. Still no sign of the little girl, but the search continues. I think I might watch to much CSI cause my mind is raceing with thoughts. I myself think the aunt had something to do with it or maybe even the guys mom but why is he dead? And did he really kill himself or was there someone else involved??
  • Man what a scary thread :( I get really sensitive when kids are involved...... it's really f#*ked up and yet it happens all around the world :censored:

    I must say that this country (Israel) is pretty different in this regard. I often see very young kids, boys and girls, walking around alone at night without a problem.
  • From what I gather, Shagger, that is one of the areas of this messed-up world where children are treated as they should be, like the TREASURE that they are. Sad that the rest of the world can't figure that out!! :censored:
  • Yep, sorry to say but there are a lot of sick freaks out there with no regard for others- most walking free among society. It's all too easy for them to fool these councellors who are supposed to be "rehabilitating" them. Best way to cut them down is just shoot 'em- show them the same disregard they do regular folks.
  • QUOTE(lyndon @ Jun 4 2006, 12:18 PM) [snapback]65155[/snapback]
    Best way to cut them down is just shoot 'em- show them the same disregard they do regular folks. [/b]
    Agree 100% there Lynd.

    I have kids and my son is the same age as this girl who was kidnapped. I can't even imagine how I would feel if this happened to one of them. I certainly hope they find her alive or at least find her so the family can have some closure.