what games work with link cables?
  • I want a racing, and a shooting game that work with link cables, so i can hook 2 playstations to 2 different tv's.
  • Most of the games that support it were put out several years ago-it's been pretty much set aside because so few people used the feature.The only game I can think of right away is the first Wipeout game.I can't think of any shooters that use this.

    This got me looking in a book I have here with cheats-turns out there is a way to use the link with Wipeout 3.
    This is a good game,if you don't mind the futuristic racing type.
  • WipeOut 2097 (or WipeOut XL in the USA) uses the link cable, I play this game with my dudes at parties and over Xmas time, We always links up on this game even it's several years old.
  • I think Wipe3out Special Edition uses the link function too.
  • Did a quick search and soon found a site with just about all the linkable games listed.Here they are:

    Ridge Racer Type 4
    Ridge Racer Revolution
    Red Asphalt
    Motor Toon Grand Prix
    CART World Series
    Grand Tour Racing '98
    Descent Maximum
    Formula 1
    Duke Nukem:Total Meltdown
    Warzone 2100
    Final DOOM
    Armored Core
    Need For Speed
    Andretti Racing
    Burning Road
    Bogey:Dead 6
    Assault Rigs
    Grid Runner
    Command & Conquer:Red Alert
    C & C:Red Alert Retaliation
    Monaco Grand Prix
    Destruction Derby
    Krazy Ivan
    WipeOutXL (also known as WipeOut 2087)
    WipeOut 3

    That pretty much covers them all.You've got a good selection of driving games,plus a few shooters to choose from,as well as a game or two from other genres as well.You'll most likely only find most of these games at a used game store or possibly for sale from your local video rental store.There are some online stores that deal with used games as well.
  • the only game i have played is command and conquer-red alert. (as mentioned by lyndon m). any game that can be played with a link cable should say it can near the e.g. vibration function compatible. i'm afraid thats the only information i can give u at the moment.