Erase memory card
  • Can someone tell how I can erase the memory card
  • Hi there wjames007, it's really quite simple. Here it is. Turn on your PlayStation without a disk in it. It will give you a menu for CD player, or Memory card. Press X with the arrow on Memory Card and you will now get a Memory Card menu showing all the files on that card, and with the following options. Copy, Copy all, and Delete. Just delete all your files if you want to clear your card, or just the files you want to.

    If it's PS2 you have, do the same thing, turn it on without a disk, then enter Browser. Press x on the pic of a memory card, and it will show you all the files on it. Then just delete away, provided you don't want to keep anything.

    Hope this helped.
  • if its a multi page card, on some third party ones, you scellest the option of wiping out the whole card by pressing certain buttons, which will wipe the card clean. The buttons will differ according to whatever make of card u r using.
  • are u using a sony memory card or a 3rd party card? as ziff said u can leave the cd of your ps console out and a menu would come up. it will ask u weather u want to play a cd or view the memory card. from there u select erase from a list of options.

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