Asian playstation
  • Hi,

    I have the Asian version of the Playstation , but do not know how it works here. I have the electricity converter needed for Asian electronic appliances. I tried to play it but it wud not work. Does it have somthing to do with the T.V? I need instructions to set it up.

    Please help.


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  • Yep,the problem would be the television.Asian PlayStations use a different television standard-you would have to get a convertor to change the signals to NTCS (the tv standard for North America).That should be easily found in any nearby electronics store.

    I'll move this into the PSOne Hardware Help forum.
  • Is this convertor for the T.V or is it for the playstation console?
  • This would be a signal convertor to translate the output from the PlayStation from PAL (what your system is designed for) to NTSC, the standard used in North America for television signals. You may want to try a store that carries imported games if you have any nearby-most likely they would carry them.
  • Also, a very good way to find imported games or systems that DON'T include the black market, is on E-bay ( never used it before) or maybe you could try and look on other electric appliance store websites that may support imported video game systems. A good place to try may be Radio Shack, Best Buy, Circuit City, ect....Really, any good game store may work. Oh, another great place to check out would be Gamestop or Funcoland! Hope this helps! :grin1: