• On my mates playstation the videos don't run smoothly, they work as if you are trying to run a hi-res game on a slow p.c. It is a second hand playstation and i was wandering if anyone else has had this problem and if it
  • [b]Sounds like the old/early days of the PSX and the CD drive unit wearing out over time.

    There is a short term solution for it but I wouldn't recommend it as it's a very short term solution.

    If you carefully take apart your PSX and get down to the black CD drive unit, look at the side of it and you will find a very,very small screw on the unit and you'll need a very small screwdriver ( a reading glasses screwdriver is very handy to have ) If you turn the screw a little way to the right (clockwise) BUT NEVER MORE THAN 1 QTR TURN.
    This increases the power to the CD 'Pot' and you should put back together you PSX and test it out, Still a bit jumpy then take apart again and turn it a little bit more but remember that you must know where the original setting of the screw was as if you go past the qtr turn you can destroy the whole CD unit as you can't gain back to the original postition.

    Always make sure that the power is OFF to the PSX from the mains!!! Better be safe than sorry.

    The other solution is to buy a new CD drive unit (about
  • buckle- it could be the fact that the playstation is mod-chipped. the mod-chip will wreck the playstation over time.
    that or it could just be a really old model of the playstation.