What's Your Fix?
  • Cut down on the amount of coffee I drink recently to a couple a week(Always "need" a coffee after a fry-up). Used to have about five strong cups of coffee a day. Noticing I feel tired a little more but sleeping better, not much else really.

    What get's you through the day wether it's "good or bad". A smoke a coffee, a morning or afternoon jog around the neighbourhood.
  • I HAVE to have a bananna at about 10-10.30 am or i cant make it to lunch time!! I also NEED about 3 bottles of water everyday or i get terrible headaches.

    Ive just realised how sad this makes me sound lol!!
  • I"m with ya on the water Odd, I've just got to drink about 4 liters of water a day or I get miserably cranky and start retaining fluid and my ankles swell. The little toes end up looking like puffy little sausages! :blink:

    Oh, and chocolate!!!!!!! Gotta have... I mean, GOTTA have dark chocolate daily, one small piece, about one bite, is enough.
  • Between school and work the only thing that I get to do for fun is go to the gym. I love my time at the gym, im a hardcore gym rat. I am going to get a job as a personal trainer one of these days, but for now I work at red lobster.
  • I really need my coffee to get through the day- through a day of work i go through a 10 cup pot (fill up a large travel mug to drink before work with about half and rest goes in the thermos for breaks at work). Even when not working I usually brew up enough to fill that travel mug 2 times and have that through the morning while browsing the web. I really don't think i could cut back too easily. :unsure:
  • There's actually only a couple things of mine that I have to do to get through my day.

    First of all is my Dr. Pepper. If I haven't had a Dr. Pepper at all in a day, by the time it gets to evening time I crave it so strongly that when I drink it it's like water. I used to drink about 7 a day, but now I've been able to cut back and I only drink 3.

    I have to have a call from my boyfriend. Even if it's only one call I have to have a call from him or else I get very cranky.

    I have to get a message/email from my best friend.

    I have to get some play time with my dogs.

    I have to write at least a paragraph on anything I happen to be writing.

    Usually I only get 2 out of all these, so I sometimes tend to be cranky.
  • i wouold love to say that it is sex....but sadly no lol. i have to have my tea in the mornings at home or coffee if im at uni. its the only way in the cold weather
  • Well, I work most of the day, so not much time for anything. I do need to eat something with protein in it about half of the way through my shift, otherwise I get shaky.... and sometimes I kick people. Thankfully, the customers have a counter between them and I. ^^;;
  • Music, without a doubt music, if I dont listen to some of my fav tunes for at least an hour a day I can get very irational. I also need to talk to my girlfreind at least once a day otherwise I fret. Lastly probably is spending time on the net, if I dont get a little time on the net each day Im edgy.

    Thats me.
  • That first cup of coffee in the morning..... SO important. After that, flirting with someone, then day can only be good.
  • Coffee, I love coffee. I have at least one extra large a day when the wife is working day shift, I brew a pot when she is on afternoons before she gets up. She usually has two or three cups and I finish the pot. I don't bother brewing any when she is on days because I would drink the whole thing. I just get an extra large on my way to work.

    Smoking would be another, I have breakfast, brush my teeth then go outside and have a smoke, every morning. Before I go to bed I go outside, have a smoke, brush my teeth then go to bed.

    Ms. Marshmallows, if Mr. E isn't not providing the goods you know where to find me. :flex: ;)

  • SLEEP!!!!

    I used to drink a ton of coffee a day but had to detox it out & have green tea, but now back onto coffee at work & only have 1 cup while working lates & 2 cups on earlies.

    I also must buy bottles of Fursty Ferret Ale when passing them as they are ace and can't eat steak or meat pie unless have a pint of Guinness