• I have playstation PAL(UK) system with a MOD CHIP. I am in Canada now and can play the games(pal, ntsc) by using a voltage converter (220-240 TO 110-120). Although all games run black and white, is there any converter available or any other way I can play my games in color. Someone told me the scart cable can help me?. Plz help
    PS. I have a RCA 36" TV with no scart input, only has the red, white, yellow and S-Video input
  • There is a rgb-cable that works like a normal scart cable, but with it your games will run in color.They shouldnt cost too much.I got mine for about 10&#36.
  • [b]Gabriel's suggestion should work for you,rajeev28-check out a local electronics shop to find it.

    BTW,just a reminder we do not condone the use of mods here at API.The members here are very anti-piracy (and rightfully so).
  • Also, chipped Playstations sometimes will only display games in B&W. This doesn't always happen, but you shouldn't be playing copies of games. Playing imports is different but........Piracy is bad!
  • even though u have a mod-chip. u are only using it to play import games so that is okay (i think) go down to your local electronics store and see what they say about the cable. that or it could be your tv

    p.s. was your playstation second hand. or did u get the mod-chip installed

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