Random Rants Returns
  • Had a quick squizz back to 2002 & 2003 threads and thought I'd reserect the "Randon Rants" thread. Got anything, anything at all that gets the blood boiling or unleashes the redneck within, don't hold back, tell us what ails ya :blink:

    Thought about this thread this morning while driving to work. Out of all of Australia I believe South OZ has the worst drivers when it comes to common courtesy. Doing 80km this morning while trying to merge into traffic in a 80km zone seemed a concept one car in particular wanted to squash. The :censored: sped up as I tried to merge in front of him. Only had 30 or so meters or so left before the merge lane ended so I used the reasoning that his car is better than mine and he will pull back to avoid damage. It worked :harhar:

  • Great minds think alike Differ :D Check THIS THREAD one page back ;) I'll close this one and leave the other upon for random rants - but god I agree with yours totally!!! Why not let it rip there :)
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