• what is the specific name for the clear top mirror/lens thing in the psx, so that if i go to sony store i can ask for it by name. thanks
  • You wouldnt believe the amount of searching i have done. You can check out URL removedand e-mail them the name of the part you are looking for. What you should do is unhook your PSX and bring it with you to the store you are going to. Show them the piece and they should know what you need. Hope this helps out.
  • Hey gene, you should delete that url as it promotes modchips which should not be used in your system as it can permanantly damage your console. If i were you, sargeboy, i'd take the PSX into the store and get them to see the exact part that you need. If you don't want to do this then you could conduct a search on the web to see what you can find that way. You could also call Sony, they *may* be able to help, and tell them that you need a replacement for the lens inside of the PSX. I hope that this bit of info helps but if you still need help feel free to post again and let us know so that one of the great API members may find an appropriate answer for you. Well, hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • thank you both for looking into that. I have that piece stored away in a small container. I have to bus all over the city to fidn the part cause i bought it from my friend. I don't want to cart around a PSX. But i have the piece and I think they should be able to tell what it is and where to get it. Thanks again both for the help. I am a do-it-yourselfer and i don't like taking things in when i can do it myself. I got my info on how to take it out at www.psxworkshop.com
  • sargeboy:

    I did some checking on parts and pricing, and here is what I came up with:

    Replacement laser eye with ribbon cable for the PSX Model SCPH-1001.

    WARNING: High technical knowledge a must when installing this part.

    The cost of this unit is &#3614.95 (US). This replaces the WHOLE assembly as well as the ribbon.

    Cost of repair/installation ranges from &#3640.00 - &#3680.00 (US).

    Looking over the prices, you may be better off purchasing a whole new system (PS1 = &#3699.00 in US)

    Good luck!
  • Oh my gosh. I just went to the main site and didnt see about MOD chips. FOr the one who removed it for me, thanks for not punishing me with post decreases. Thanks madhtr for seeing that.:shocked::shocked: I will check sites out entirely before i post them.
  • thanks again for looking. I have pretty high tech knowledge, that is how i took it apart and got out that lens thing in the first place. I don't like ordering things over the net though.