Tom And Katie In Candy Shop
  • Stumbled across this short story about Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes mixing with 50 cent....... man some people have nothing better to do with their time altho I'm glad because I found it pretty funny.
  • :blink: Wow, I'm not sure what to say to that!!! Is it any wonder I don't follow what these whack-jobs do with their private lives!?! Tom Cruise is such a nutbag he's not even worth watching in a movie anymore... sad sad, to think he used to be "ok".

    This is probably not too far-fetchd a scenario for him anyway! :wacko: :laugh:
  • I really didnt get the humor, must be an American thing? Not really my thing, didnt get it at all, I could see where the humor what coming from and what they were trying to do. However their efforts were wasted on moi, lol.
  • that is so old and not funny but tom cruise is a right idoit now the best one was when,can u remember when somebody squirted him and he got all upset
  • QUOTE(Lethal @ Jun 7 2006, 09:29 AM) [snapback]65365[/snapback]
    I really didnt get the humor, must be an American thing? Not really my thing, didnt get it at all[/b]

    Uh, speaking as one American, I didn't really get it either. Must be something with the rap that I'm missing? Reminds me of the last movie I saw Tom Cruise in - War of the Worlds... I was expecting something good but afterwards I just said huh? :huh:
  • Ok, I guess it must be my strange sense of humor, I like the origional song and am not american :g:
  • I like the song by 50 cent but I don't like this parodies of all the movie stars. Really a waste of flash in my humble opinion.

    Don't like Tom Cruise. People say my brother looks like him...except maybe 3 feet taller. Honestly though, I think Tom looks gross now...seriously. I did see something for Tom Cruise where he completely chewed the an interviewers head off by bringing up his other marriage and comparing it to Katie.

    As for Katie Holmes I couldn't really tell ya anything about her.