Sorry Guys (& Gulls)
  • Just getting a quick post in as I'll not be around for a few days as I'm dragging Janeybobs down to Download 2006 so the merry Axis team will have 2 people short for the weekend battles. Think you better recruit some newbies.

    So it's off out tomorrow for LOUD MUSIC, fun, bottle throwing, beer, LOUDER MUSIC, more beer, toilet rolls, food, BL**DY LOUDER MUSIC, Chemical Toilets, beer, sunburnt flesh, Kicking EMO's, Pits, Circles, Tent fun, beer, BBQ, Chilling Music, Guitar Hero, Skaters, Weird wired sh!t and did I mention beer?

    I'll not have a few drinks for Lethal, I'm going to have a Brewery's worth! :devilish:

    Keep those frags coming fast team mates!
  • Have a wicked time mate - although I don't think that's even in doubt huh :D Got a mate from work who's heading off for the Download Fest and he's looking forward to it just as much! Have a beer or two on my behalf aswell eh ;)
  • Not to worry, we'll hold down the fort until you return!

    Have a wicked time and try to bring yourselves back in one piece! :D
  • What? Tiff leaving? AXIS team is short 2 members???

    Fantastic..the Allied Team will prevail once again! :D

    In any case though, have a good time Tiff and Oddish! I'm sure Susan will care for the Buddy Squad matters while oddish is away. :)

    Have a great time!
  • Enjoy Tiff....... drink loads of guinness and bang that head :punk:

    I'm sure you'll have plenty to tell when you get back.
  • Have an amazing time you two.

    we will all have to remember to Loud when you get back.
  • A brewery's worth Tiff? Pft, you had better have TWO brewerys worth if you are going to even begin to impress me. Lol, have a great time Tarzan and Jane. Dont for get to give 'em a |m| for me!