Germany Vs Costa Rica - World Cup
  • Germany Vs Costa Rica

    Team Details:

    01 J Lehmann
    03 A Friedrich
    17 P Mertesacker
    21 C Metzelder
    16 P Lahm
    07 B Schweinsteiger
    08 T Frings
    18 T Borowski
    19 B Schneider
    20 L Podolski
    11 M Klose

    Costa Rica
    18 J Porras
    03 L Marin
    04 M Umana
    12 L Gonzalez
    05 G Martinez
    06 D Fonseca=Yellow Card
    08 M Solis
    10 W Centeno
    20 D Sequeira
    11 R Gomez
    09 P Wanchope

    Match Details:

    Attendence: 64950

    Possession:Germany-57% Costa Rica-43%

    Yellow Cards: D Fonseca-Costa Rica


    6 mins: GOAL Germany 1-0 Costa Rica
    Full-back Philip Lahm scores with his right foot from the edge of the area which ended up in the top right corner.

    12 mins: GOAL Germany 1-1 Costa Rica
    Germans are unhappy that this was offside, replays show it was a good goal. Ronald Gomez split the defence with a great pass and Lehmann scores low to the keeper's right.

    17 mins: GOAL Germany 2-1 Costa Rica
    Bastian Schweinsteiger passes to Miroslav Klose who scores at the far post.

    HALF TIME: Germany 2-1 Costa Rica

    61 mins: GOAL Germany 3-1 Costa Rica
    Philip Lahm crosses from the left and Klose scores a second goal to put Germany 2 up.

    72 mins: GOAL Germany 3-2 Costa Rica
    Things get interesting when Costa Rica score again. Another suspicion of offside with the goal, but Paulo Wanchope's goal stands

    85 mins: GOAL Germany 4-2 Costa Rica
    Torsten Frings fires in from 35 yards and allows Germany to relax a little.

    Full time: GERMANY:4 Costa Rica:2

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  • What a truly amazing first goal for the world cup !

    for a guy who hasn't scored for his club all season that was about as perfect a shot as you could get.

    If anyone can find a link to movie highlights of the goals in this game, please add a link to this area.

    At 3-2 its was anyones game, with such a short amount of time left to play, but the 6th goal in the game allowed them to relax a little.

    Hoping that all the games are this exciting, and at least Germany have showed they have firepower, and weaknesses.

    Great TV !
  • Frings goal was a stunner aswell - should be some excellent goals this year!! Great opener to the World Cup - and as mentioned it's good to see how weak Germany were in defence, great opener!
  • A great game! Didn't get to see the first goal but saw the 6th though...a terrible screamer!
    Still, Costa Rica showed (surprisingly) that they are up to the challenge when they kept the Germans uneased...they demonstrated to everyone else that Germany has a very restless defense that can be well explored to the opponents' advantage.
  • Not a massive surprise here, I had my money on Germany for sure with this game. Nice game, enjoyed it a lot. Some good football.