Poland Vs Ecuador - World Cup
  • Team Details:

    01 A Boruc
    02 M Jop
    04 M Baszczynski
    06 J Bak
    14 M Zewlakow
    07 R Sobolewski
    08 J Krzynowek
    10 M Szymkowiak
    15 E Smolarek=Yellow Card
    16 A Radomski
    09 M Zurawski

    12 C Mora
    04 U De la Cruz
    03 I Hurtado=Yellow Card
    17 G Espinoza
    18 N Reasco
    08 E Mendez=Yellow Card
    14 S Castillo
    16 L Valencia
    20 E Tenorio
    11 A Delgado
    21 C Tenorio

    Ref: Toru Kamikawa

    Match Details:

    Possession: Poland 54%- Ecuador 46%

    Yellow Cards: E Smolarek-Poland I Hurtado and E Mendez-Ecuador

    24 mins: GOAL Poland 0-1 Ecuador
    Carlos Tenorio heads home after Agustin Delgado flicked on a long throw into the box.

    Half-time: Poland 0-1 Ecuador

    80 mins: GOAL Poland 0-2 Ecuador
    a through ball and Agustin Delgado is on hand to tap into the net

    Full-time: Poland 0-2 Ecuador

    Let's hear what you thought of this game
  • 10 mins left and Ecuador now 2-0 up, well that really shakes things up in Group A! Especially as England will (should they get through) have to play the winners or runners-up of this group, it looked a dead cert. for Germany and Poland to qualify but maybe not!! Poland another side been weak in defence.
  • I didn't have the chance to watch the entire game but from what everyone told me Poland was superior for most of time. Ecuador has strong individualities that made the difference...still a bit of a heavy final score if you ask me!
  • Wow, Ecuador won! What an awesome game that was, they thrashed them good! Go Ecuador! Wish I had some money on that game.
  • Poland sucked for most of the game. I mean they didn't have a shot at goal until the 85 minute for heavebs sake.
    Ecuador palyed their well organized football with an impressingly strong defence. They also dominated the air-play and won most, if not all, duels.

    I think Germany will have problems against Ecuador, especially since the German defence isn't working at all. The Ecuadorian forward showed that they had good and intuitive one-touch play in the game and manage tho fool the Polish defence-line several times.
    (Although, assisting referee Kim did a lousy job flaging offsides when there weren't any and vice versa)