World Cup 2006 Discussion Area
  • This area is the place to discuss the world cup players,teams,matches......

    so to start it off I wanna know who you are supporting and who your favourite player is on that team, and ofcourse who you think is gonna win !

    I am supporting England and my favourie player is Michael Owen And I think Germany will win the whole competition this year.
  • Germany have about as much chance of winning the World Cup this year as my Nan. Their defence will get absolutely ripped to SHREDS by the likes of Brazil and such, heck they conceded two against Costa Rica, they look good going forward but they're way too weak in defence.

    I will of course by supporting ENGERLAND!! Think we can do well this year, who knows we may even win it!! Although it'll take some team to beat Brazil, who knows! I'm going to be GLUED to my TV for the next month that's for sure!!
  • I agree with Fluff...Germany won't win the competition with that defense unless the ref's are for it!

    Even so, I also believe England will not be the one...they don't have what it takes as a team to do it.

    I'm supporting Portugal of course...would like to see them rise the cup but they lack team quality...they're extremely good form the individual point of view, but that's it.

    I believe the firms favourites are Brazil for sure...they're gameplay is not strange to anyone...they've always rocked!...but I've got a feeling this year we will have a surprise!...all I can say is I hope so!(hexachampions is just too much to bear!)
  • Even though I should be patriotic and say that I think Australia will win, I have my money on Czech Republic. They have an impressive side and I think they have what it takes.

    Three favs though are Germany, Brazil and Czech Republic, I am pretty sure that two of those three will be in the final.
  • I believe Argentina has a pretty good team this year. Alot of creative players who are hard to det up a strategy against. I think Argentina will win.

    I root for Sweden but then of course I have to be realistic and after todays draw agaist Trinidad and Tobago I don't see them getting much further than the first round. But things can change :D
  • Man..... this is the only country in the world that has to pay twice to watch the games :censored: I have satelite here and have to pay extra to get to watch each game...... :boxing:
  • My money os on Italy or Brazil to win. I will of course be supporting england!!

    Janeybobs prediction? - i think we will get to the quarter finals and then bomb out on a penalty

    Heres hoping im wrong!
  • Poor England! :(

    Most of you know I'm a fan of American Football (NFL) but I have been watching many of these World Cup matches. Today's match (England vs. Portugal) wasn't as exciting as I'd hoped it would be. It was my first time watching England play and all I ever hear is how powerful England is when it comes to football.

    What happened today? Was today's play typical of English football? Was the loss of Beckham that big a factor or did Rooney's little tantrum lose the match for England? I'd like to hear what the die hard football fans have to say about today's match.

    Btw, tough luck on losing the match. It must be heartbreaking to true fans out there.