• I finished all of my very first game is PSX, so of course as a remembrance for a great victory, I saved the finished files.

    One year had passed.....

    Two years had passed......

    Almost three years had past, I checked my files in my memory card (of course where else I would check my files?) Then I found out thet some of my files are gone.

    Was it because I haven't opened or used it for a very long time?

    Or was it my little sister playing around the PS w/o any CD inserted
  • If you haven't opened the file in a while I don't think it would do that. I have games where I haven't played them for a few years either and that hasn't happened to me. I hate to say it, but it might have been your sister. Don't get too mad at her. Hope this helped. :thumbsup:
  • i sorry to say but i know someone who has a five yeare old playstation and game he hasnt played it in 4 years although it might be your card is it an official sony one that could be your prob
  • Both Badtz#Maru and Jcandsc are right.
  • i hav been having the same problem when i saved gan t i came back from my aunts and played again but i had to start all over again on my b licens test and no one tuched it but me to play it