Top 5 Teams Competition - World Cup
  • Tip your top 5 Teams!

    - The concept is simple, tip your top 5 teams and see how good a tipper you are! Ill discuss with Jim about a trophy for the top tipper.

    Here are my tips... (in order of place won)

    1. Czech Republic
    2. Brazil
    3. Germany
    4. Italy
    5. Argentina

    Tip away! Results as they come...
  • Ok, here goes nothing...

    1- Brazil
    2- Portugal (got to have some faith in the lads!)
    3- Holland
    4- Italy
    5- Argentina
  • Not going to get into the top five, but i would bet on Italy to get to the final...
    after all they do get there every 12 years. 1994, Winners in 1982, 1970, (didnt qualify for 1958), (no World Cup in 1946), Winners in 1934.

    And their team were much worse manys a year - the 1982 team werent considered to be up to much but Rossi managed to score a hattrick against a Brazil (a side which contained Socrates and Falco) and waltz their way to the final.

  • My bets for the "top 5" sides I guess would be...

    Brazil, obviously!

    England, I think we can really do well this year, although getting Rooney and Owen back to full fitness is key.

    Italy, good strong side will do well.

    Czech Republic, looked very good even without Baros, although I haven't heard on the injury status of Koller...

    Argentina, a lot of quality in their side should do well as always.

    This is very tough though - so many sides with a good chance of doing well, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Korea ETC...!!
  • Well, following their 6-0 THRASHING of Serbia & Montenegro the Argies have shot right up there with having a real chance at winning this World Cup - the thought of playing them now is terrifying, just how good was Cambiasso's goal!! Simply outstanding.

    Going the other way are the Czech Republic - fell apart against Ghana, going to need to get their acts together if they are even going to qualify for the last 16!
  • Czech rep has too many injuries and too few good players on the bench.

    My top 5 are:



    Yep, I don't think neither England nor Sweden will make it past 1/8 finals. England as usual thinks they can win just because they are England but with two games played I can't say that they have anything to do with the battle for top 5.

    Italy and Portugal are stong teams and I also think S.Korea can go far. But this is my bet, in the order they will finish.
  • Er, sorry to disagree, but England will at least make it to the quarters, if not further. It all depends on if we play Brazil and where we play them.
    IMHO England can win this World Cup provided ONE THING doesn't happen, we DON'T PLAY BRAZIL. If somehow Brazil get knocked out by another team then we will win the World Cup, it's as simple as that. Yes, being English I may be a little bias, but just look at our team on paper, we have Paul Robinson in goal, the best goalie in absolute years, ten times the man Seaman EVER was. Terry and Rio? Best central defenders in Europe if not the world. Beckham? well everyone knows how good he is. Put it this way, if REAL MADRID rate him high enough to play him week after week even when he's not playing at the top of his game then, I mean, come on. But what about Stevie Gerrard and Frankie Lampard, I hear you say? Well they can score goals from anywhere practically, just take another look at Stevie's goal against Trin/Tob for the proof. Now we get to Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney. As much as I dispise 'Shrek', Rooney, he can run at defenses, cause them problems, and then turn a no chance into a goalscoring opportunity. Then there's Michael, he's different to Wayne, but that's only a good thing. As gets mentioned so often, he's one of those players that can be on the field like a statue for 90 whole minutes then in the 91st minute, he gets the ball in the box and blasts, or taps, the ball past the keeper thus winning us the game. Then there's Aaron Lennon who was a surprise inclusion in the squad, he's shown what he can do on the right side. Plus Ashley Cole, Joe Cole and many others. Our team is the best we've had in absolute years. Better than the '66 winning side? I dunno cause I wasn't alive then, but must be awfully close.

    Anyway, this post is meant to have my top five sides so basing on what you've, hopefully, just read, here it is, my top five:
    1. England - winners
    2. Germany - runners up (it's destined for an English/German final don't ya think?)
    3. Brazil - semis (beaten by Germany, dunno how but they will be)
    4. Argentina - semis (beaten by the mighty Three Lions)
    5. dunno, probably an unexpected side like what usually happens. I'll get back to you on that one.