Golden Ball / Golden Shoe Tipping - World Cup
  • Tip Your Winner of the FIFA World Cup Golden Ball/ Golden Shoe here, also any discussion regarding this years Golden Ball/Shoe, or past winners.

    For those of you who arent sure, or dont know about the Golden Ball and Golden shoe, here is the lowdown...

    Golden Ball

    The coveted Golden Ball is awarded to the most outstanding player of the World Cup tournament. FIFA announces a shortlist of ten nominees. It is then voted on my media representitives with the most voted player winning the Golden Ball. The runner up and third place getters claim the Silver and Bronze balls respectively. The 2002 winner of this vaunted prize was the legendary German goalkeeper and captain, Oliver Kahn, with past winners including, Ronaldo (Brazil), Paolo Rossi (Italy) and the fabled Diego Maradona (Argentina).

    Golden Shoe

    The Golden Shoe is awarded to the top goalscorer of the Word Cup finals tournament and has been won by some of the all-time greats over the long history of the event such as french star Just Fontaine who struck an incredible 13 goals at the 1958 FIFA World Cup in Sweden, a record which still stands. Other champions include German legend Gerd "Der Bomber' Mueller, and 2002 winner, Brazillian star striker Ronaldo with eight goals.

    My Golden Ball Tip : Ronaldinho(Brazil)

    My Golden Shoe Tip : Adriano (Brazil)

  • Isn't Baros struggling with injury? Well Klose of Germany has got off to a great start with 2 goals and he's a good finisher - he's in with a good chance especially once Germany get Ballack playing they will create plenty of chances.

    Adriano of Brazil is also a player certain to get chances, and certain to take a few aswell, that's who I'll be tipping.

    As for Golden Shoe - you can't deny the form of David Beckham at the moment with set pieces - a real threat and a good chance at scooping it. (golden shoe I assume is for assists - right?)
  • Thanks fluffster, I didnt realise Baros was struggling with injury, that probably ruins their chance of winning now but I will keep my money on them, even just so its an origional guess.

    Also, I updated my first post so you know exactly what the two awards are about.
  • ooohhh I SEE!! Well, Ronaldo certainly isn't going to be winning the Golden Ball award again that's for sure. :laugh:

    I think Kaka of Brazil can win the Golden Ball award - he's every bit as good as Ronaldinho is and he won't have such high attention from the opposing defences so he may have a bit more freedom to play.

    Golden Shoe award - I still reckon Adriano will have plenty of chances once Brazil get into their stride and can become the topscorer.
  • Well Golden Ball will probably go to one of the Brazilians, practically guaranteed, maybe Ronaldinho or Kaka.
    Golden boot? I'd say our very own Michael may have a shot at that if England stop using the stupid Long Ball and actually play the ball into him, also maybe Rooney when he starts playing, even though I totally dispise 'Shrek'. Although, more than likely, it'll be Ronaldo again. I mean he was only about thre quarters fit at the last World Cup and he still won it didn't he?

  • Did you see Ronaldo against Croatia?? I think his place in the team is really threatened by Robinho now - I can guarantee Ronaldo won't be golden ball (although I'm sure it was called golden boot). As for Michael Owen... he just doesn't seem fully fit yet - and I totally agree though that long ball game will NOT work!

    Spains Fernando Torres could be one to watch out for though.