Paraguay Vs England - World Cup
  • Paraguay vs England
    10th June

    Match #3
    Date : 10-Jun-2006
    Venue: FIFA World Cup Stadium, Frankfurt
    Kick Off Time: 15:00
    Referee: RODRIGUEZ Marco
    Temperature: 11
  • COME ON ENGLAND!!!! Peter Crouch and Michael Owen up-front - England expects!! I reckon we should get a nice win to start us off, 2-0 would be OK with me! I can't bl**dy wait!
  • that was a dreadful game of football everybody pretending to get hacked, jumping about everywhere
  • Half Time Update

    England lead 1-0 after the first half of their World Cup opener against Paraguay. A solid start by Sven-Goran Eriksson's team - but perhaps they should have had more.
  • Well here we go again, life as an England fan is never easy and this was another typical roller coaster of emotions. I was half waiting for one of them to fall over in the box in the last five minutes as it was the only way they were going to score.

    If this were a premiership game you would take heart that we got 3 points without playing well. and the old saying of "you can't win a tournament in the first game, but you can lose it" holds well here.

    Great for the first 20 minutes and I am sure the very hot temperatures played their part in the second half.

    Gerrard played well, with the exception of when he tried to shoot - did he have Crouch's boots on ?

    Nice touches from Beckham and Lampard had a great game as usual.

    Defence looked solid (Cole was a little shaky at times), but to be honest Paraguay could have played all day without scoring, unless they got a penalty.

    All in all, its only going to get better from here in my opinion and with the points on the board, no red cards and no injuries... result !
  • A pretty boring game.
    England started off nice and offensive. Poor poor Paraguay scores an own goal and their keeper get injured in what? 15 minutes.

    Englands tactics are pretty straight forward and effective. Crouch dominates the air but also showed some skill in dribbling. The Paraguayian defence were about 25 cm shorter than him so I guess he didn't have to put that much effort into his it. Owen ran up and down the field as he is supposed to but due to a somewhat poor effort from Beckham he didn't get that many good passes.
    Cole showed that he hasn't been playing that many games this season, he had to think in alot of situations rather than act automatically. Paraguay didn't do jack in the first half. I wonder if they have even trained together as a team prior to this match.

    In the second half England fell back. Owen were substituted for Downing which made and COle came up as some sort of semi forward. Englands game turned very passsive. Thanks to the defence line (Terry in particular) England didn't have that much of a problem with keeping Paraguay from scoring even though there were a couple of breakthroughs.

    All in all, Paraguay will hopefully keep the form and loose big time against Sweden in the next game.
    The game we are looking forward towards in this group is Sweden-England :clap: