Trinidad & Tobago Vs Sweden - World Cup
  • Trinidad & Tobago Vs Sweden
    10th June

    Match #4
    Date 10-Jun-2006
    Venue: FIFA World Cup Stadium, Dortmund
    Kick Off Time: 18:00
    Referee: MAIDIN Shamsul
    Temperature: 12
  • [b]Although Isaksson has to sit this match out due to a concussion caused by the might left footer of K
  • Best of luck later today Manne !

    I hope your guys do you proud. Obviously, if you can injure a few of them and grab a few red cards yourselves, that would be much appreciated for later in the week... only joking, hope you play well and its a great game to watch !
  • 0-0! Wow what a performance from Trinidad & Tobago - truely fantastic and an inspiration to everybody the amount of pride and effort that went into that game. Means a win for us on Thursday against Trinidad and we're through! Great stuff. :clap:
  • Really enjoyed the game as an outsider, showed the spirit of the world cup !

    37 year old goal keeper (ex Newcastle Utd) kept Trinidad in the game on a few occasions too. Yorke was great too. 1UP for the old guys !

    Fluff, I don't think we can take these boys for granted, we will need to play well. Hopefully Trinidad will be very tired after this game, playing the second half with only 10 men.

    Definately makes the next game for both Sweden and England an interesting one though.
  • [b]I can't believe it. I mean how can we not be able to score.

    Allthough Trinidad did a much better preformance than expected it is still no excuse for a 0-0 result. Especially when playing almost half the game with one man more.

    I think England has a better chance of beating Trinidad due to their strategy of having one forward meeting the ball as the other one makes a rush towards goal. Sweden were not able to do this today. Both forwards were facing the midfielders most of the time and when a winger had an opening to the left or right no they didn't get the ball. It got a bit better when K