England - World Cup Team
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    Men to watch:
    Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney

    How they qualified:
    England finished at the top of European Group 6 to qualify.

    The Squad:
    Goalkeepers Paul Robinson (Tottenham), David James (Manchester City), Robert Green (Norwich); Defenders Gary Neville (Manchester United), Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United), John Terry (Chelsea), Ashley Cole (Arsenal), Sol Campbell (Arsenal), Jamie Carragher (Liverpool), Wayne Bridge (Chelsea); Midfielders David Beckham (Real Madrid), Michael Carrick (Tottenham), Frank Lampard (Chelsea), Steven Gerrard (Liverpool), Owen Hargreaves (Bayern Munich), Jermaine Jenas (Tottenham), Stewart Downing (Middlesbrough), Joe Cole (Chelsea), Aaron Lennon (Tottenham); Strikers Wayne Rooney (Manchester United), Michael Owen (Newcastle), Peter Crouch (Liverpool), Theo Walcott (Arsenal).
  • Ok so a win is a win even tho your only goal is a home goal from the other team..........

    What a cr@p game yesterday ! SO uneventfull it was just b*ll*x...... do England expect to win the cup if they play like this ?????
  • QUOTE(Shagger @ Jun 11 2006, 06:10 AM) [snapback]65559[/snapback]

    Ok so a win is a win even tho your only goal is a home goal from the other team..........

    What a cr@p game yesterday ! SO uneventfull it was just b*ll*x...... do England expect to win the cup if they play like this ?????

    hey shagg,beckhams goal was going in anyway and alot was said after that game about how they could have done better but i thought it was just a dreadful game of football
  • was a terrible game, we watched it on the big screen at donington. Was very hot and got sunburned - Wish id watched alice in chains instead!! :punk:

    I just hope they up the game a bit!!
  • The next couple of games are later on in the evening so they players shouldn't suffer from the heat so much - and Rooney may be involved in the Trinidad game! Daft idea if you ask me - if he's not totally healed defenders are gonna try and take him out and we will have lost him for the whole tournament... well we shall see!
  • Well, england are out - And they played a pretty decent game considering they were down to 10 men after rooney got sent off. Stupid scouser should learn to keep hos temper and not shove one of the opponents in front of the ref!!!

    Will this be the last of seeing coleen and the rest of the stick thin brigade on the frnt of the daily mirror then..................
  • Well I, among many others, have always stated that Wayne 'Shrek' Rooney is one major THUG and he proved it once again yesterday.
    He deserves to have his England shirt ripped from his back and never to be allowed to play for our national team again, unless he's on Tranquilizers :D

    Anyway, dunno why BBC pundits Gary Lineker and co wanted England to go to penalties, everyone in their right mind knows England can't win on penalties to save their F :censored: lives.
    1 win out of 5 since 1990? Just not good enough.
    How ironic is it that the only England player to score a penalty doesn't even play in England, he plays in, of all places, GERMANY!!!!!
    Well, guess next up is Euro08. Let's see how we do in that, as long as we make it that far of course. Qualifiers start in about October ish, maybe a little earlier.



    Just read this on the BBC website and watched the video of his speech. I am suprised but not gonna say that im disappointed. Didn't england start to play a better game once Beckham had been taken off injured and Rooney had gone too. Lets hope this puts some new blood in the team and with steve mclaren they take on Euro 2008.

    No wonder the poor guy was in tears when he got taken off - guess he realised that would be his last captaincy of england :crybaby:

    End of an era??
  • Beckham has clearly not been at his best - Aaron Lennon has been fantastically exciting when he has come onto the right wing and I think he deserves a chance now. It's good that McLaren is willing to drop Becks if he is not playing well - something Sven failed at. Terry will also make a fantastic captain like he is for Chelsea.

    As for the Portugal game well, yes the sending off was harsh, it was actually for the "stamp" on Carvahlo rather than the push against Ronaldo, but none the less Rooney and his temper did himself no favours. What really was worrying though is that HOW can these guys not find the corner of the net from 12yards out! All 4 penalties were really awful, although why Carraghers was disallowed I don't know?!

    Oh well, another 4 years of hurt...
  • QUOTE(Fluffster @ Jul 6 2006, 04:21 PM) [snapback]66615[/snapback]
    although why Carraghers was disallowed I don't know?![/b]

    The referee had NOT blown his whistle to say that he could take the penalty. So it was disallowed. The rules clearly state that a player must wait for the referee's whistle before he takes the penalty, be that in normal time, extra time, or in a shootout.

    Oh and Rooney didn't get sent off for the stamping, it was because Christiano Ronaldo came rushing up to the referee and 'Shrek' and started interfering and winding up Rooney who, in turn, lost his temper even more and shoved Ronaldo right in front of the referee. It was clear that, at the most, the referee would only have given a yellow if it was not for the antics of the Portuguese and, in particular, Ronaldo.
    He was even shown on camera winking at his bench because he had successfully got our, supposedly, best player sent off.