• bigkrunk, click on the link below to get a detailed THPS2 walkthrough and skater moves....

    THPS2 Walkthrough and Skater moves < - - CLICK

    And i don't think you'll need cheats with you having the walkthrough :)

  • :2silly:
    if i remember right there should be a tree with wood holding it up hit it down to find a secret area where there is some money
  • some of the money in the 1st comp are preety hard and the 1 ur on about is in the secret area which woz explained.

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  • from the start point go to the left of the bins straight in front of you and jump onto the ledge with grass on it (just behind the long straight rail). the tree with the wood is in the middle, knock the wood out and bob's yer uncle...
    ps for a killer run grind the curvy rail (at the bottom of the 4 set of steps near the start), onto the ledge in front, onto the wooden edge straight onto that, onto the picnic table and then down into the bowl. if you manual on landing you can pull off one of your specials from the bowl and pick up a reasonable score. this will win you the competition, have no fear.:thumbsup: