resident evil 1:directors cut
  • Raziel, i'v played this game a few times but i can't seem to remember where the medals go. So i searched the main APi site and found a walkthrough for you, the answer your looking for is probably in the walkthrough :)

    Link: Resident Evil Walkthrough

    Hope it helps.

  • Wait didnt some one already as this? Well anyway I am not sure on the EXACT location but I can tell you the area. Pass the boulders, through the big spider, way after the death of... wont spoil it, Up the shaft, place them on the well eagle on eagle and wolf on wolf and wach it drain away. You know when your close when your by the weilded doors
  • You did? What time did you get? My time was 3:45 sumthin the first try without outside help. Also what happened at the ending? Did you get Chris, Jill, or Barry, (rebeca if you were Chris) First time I got Jill and Chris, and I didnt ge sexy Jill :cry: , Well hats off to you!

    Til next time gaming fans :wave: !
  • Use your medalions on the pool to unlock the secret lab! :2devilish: