Poetic Justice
  • This week I ran into some poetic justice. Since the thing is kind of a secret I can tell you exactly what it concerned, but in short some guys have been freeloading off of mine and some other guys' work in school and the examinors found out without anyone ratting them out.

    Now, does theese things only happen to me because I'm such a righteous person or does it happen all the time to all sorts of people?
    If you have a story about poetic justice, let us know. It's always nice to hear about good people winning in the end.
  • I'll tell you when I last got poetic justice!

    I worked in a gamestop for a few moths about 2 years ago, and I left to study for my exams.

    A while after I left, I was in the shop buying stuff, when I see a mom with her kids being told by the staff that they have no PSPs, and it'll be a number of weeks before they can get them in. She mentions it's for her sons birthday too.
    Now, I was raised to be moral, and sort out things gone wrong. Also, at this time my PSP is in the 'Buy and Sell' paper, coz I'm looking to sell it. Naturally, I try to nail two birds with one stone and inform the mom on her way out that I would be willing to sell her my barely used PSP.
    The security guard saw me as a scumbag trying to steal their buisness rather than a good samaritan.
    I told me to get out and I did so straight away without giving any cheek, realising that I should have thought more about how I went about what I did.

    A few weeks ago I applied for a full time job there.I was told that they needed staff badly. I know all the staff because I'm always buying games there, and some of the people who worked with me when I was there were giving me a glowing reference.

    I went up to the manager (let's call her Dee) and she said that all I need to do is give a CV and she'll check my references; if they check out I've got the job.
    So my references are my current boss (who I've been working for for a year, since he took over the shop I worked in. I was woking there over 5 years without incident.) and the prinipal of my secondary school (who I always got along with).
    So my references would definatly be glowing.

    I left my job as my new one was a sure thing, with lots of hours. I go to her and she tells me that I didn't get good references.

    She says my old boss told her 'Keith comes in and does his work, then goes home'.B*LLS**T
    Then she says that she was rang by that security guard, and he tells her that I not only was stealing their business, but when he confronted me I told him to 'mind your own business'.

    So I didn't get the job. Not only did I now have no income, but I had been betrayed by people I trusted.

    The next day, my mam tells me that she went up to the principal, who got no calls. She went up to my old boss, who is still waiting to be called. My mam got a reference from the president of the social club I work in, and showed it to her and said 'Look at this and tell me how my son got bad references'. She tells her she know she didn't ring anyone. Dee says that she did ring that other place, err... I.E.R.N.E. thats it!

    Of course, she is halariously unaware that my grandad is the president of IERNE, and my mam is the bar manager. My mam tells her that she has been lying through her teeth and she's getting reported.

    So I've been lied to, by the manager of a shop. I didn't believe that I got bad references, but I had to- a professional should never lie about business.

    That b**ch is being reported to her HQ, and I'm not going back into that shop.
    That's poetic justice for me. She chanced her arm at lying to a good person and will pay :punk:
  • I think that poetic justice is a lot rarer than one would wish. I'm happy that you got some manneman. Freeloading of any kind is pretty weak. Stealing work at school is really low. One that happened here recently was at a traffic light. The car opposite waiting to turn left jumped to turn before ongoing traffic could proceed, which is not only illegal but quite dangerous. This person didn't see the police vehicle a few cars back and was pulled over immediately. Gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Duke, even though you definitely got hosed, at least it was an entry level job rather than a career one. The bad thing about it is, though you really don't want to do business there anymore it seemed like a good store. There aren't a lot of good game stores so that can be a tough call.