• Anywere were there's a football game there are people discussing the rules, or at least the rulings of the referee.

    I have one special rule, that is not really a rule but more of a code of honor, that I'd like to discuss.
    The thing is that when a player is injured (or acting more injured than he really is) isn't a bit silly that the players chip the ball over the line so that he can be taken care of? This of course if the injured player isn't lying in the middle of the pitch, obstructing the game.
    I mean,in most cases the player jumps back on his feet the minute he gets carried over the line and the whole thing often is about passing time so that the other team will have less time to score. The referee can at any time blow his whistle to stop the game and let in the medics if he spots a player that is obviously injured and it's not like the injured player gets a temp to fill in for him while he is resting. So, shouldn't it say explicitly in the "fair play" rules that you shouldn't mind an injured player?

    Also, what about this new offside rule?
    I love it. There is no reason to stop the game because a player on the other side of the pitch is in an offside position now is there?
  • Yes this came up in the France vs Swiss game yesterday, Henry was "down" injured but not anywhere near play, and Switzerland kind of stopped for a moment, but I think they should make the most of the advantage and just go for it!! Henry isn't interfering, he wasn't hurt by a foul, what's the big deal??

    Another grey area was the handball in the France vs Switzerland game - Henry pinged it and it hit the defenders hand - I don't think it was deliberate but it WAS handball in the penalty area and possibly denied a goal, it should have been a penalty in my opinion but it wasn't given!

    As for the offside rule - being a defender I don't like it. If a player is offside IMO they are more often than not interfering in play, it'd be SO much easier for everybody to understand if offside actually MEANT offside.