What are Mod. chips???
  • Everyone is talking about mod. chips but I've never seen one or use one....

    Can you tell me what are they?????

    *Neeevvveeerrr stop playing*
  • [b]Mod Chips are used for 2 things only

    1. it is installed in your PS-One so that you can play imported games from other countires

    2. it is installed in your PS-One so that you can rip off software companies by playing............. well that's all you are getting from me.

    Staff and other members know my views about mod-chips and other stuff that goes with them. :angry:
  • [b]I know your view of them quite well,tiff-we're in complete agreement there.

    pjb,a mod chip lets an imported game bypass the regional coding check the system does.The games have this coding to try to make sure a game is only played in the region it is meant for (Japan,North America,Europe).
    Unfortunately,it also lets you play illegal copies.

    We at API do not condone the use of mods at all-the game companies put a lot of time and money into their games.If you want to play the game,get the original.
  • A MOD chip huh?

    MOD chips allow you to bypass the regional coding of a pirated game. It is also a good way to fry your PS console if you are not extremely handy with a soldering iron.

  • [b]Definitely not,Lucifer.By buying the games,we help support the game industry in general,allowing the game makers to ( hopefully ) make better games in the future.Buying a copy,the money just goes into someone's pocket.The developers don't see any of it.They've put a lot of time and money into these things and deserve to be compensated.
  • Ummmm Lyndon my playstation has a mod. chip in it to make the pirated cd work but I never knew that it has one bec. the vendor said that all the playstation console sold in the Philippines has this kind of mod. chips in them......I never knew that...
  • [b]Piracy is quite rampant in the Phillipines,unfortunately.I don't know if what the vendor said would be true,however.Still the choice seems simple enough-support the game companies and buy the originals.By buying copies people are simply stealing from them and cheating themselves.
  • In regards to Lyndon M's remark: "By buying copies people are simply stealing from them and cheating themselves."

    Isn't it funny how many people don't consider copying software as a theft crime? (read: Piracy) I wonder how many of these people would shrug-off the result of someone "pirating" thier credit card?
  • [b]I'm thinking not too many,Lucifer.:)

    The thing people don't actually get is when you buy a game,what you're actually doing is paying for the rights to use that software as determined by the makers of the game.In pretty much all of the software user agreements,it will say in no uncertain terms that you are not allowed to make a copy.

    I've only seen one or two exceptions there,and I think that was more just taking the same agreement they use for the computer games and using it.
  • Lyndon to tell you the truth all the gamers of psx and even ps2 are buying............you know what.In the Philippines theres no chance that you'll find or you can buy original cd's all you can buy here is..........that I can't say it.Its against the rules of Api just following the rules:smile:
  • I've heard that the PS2 can be modified as well....
    Is that really true....?
  • Yes Dappy1, the PS2 can indeed be modified with a MOD chip as well. But the same hazards that the PSX owner faces await you when trying to install it.

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