Angola Vs Portugal
  • Team Details:

    01 P Joao Ricardo
    03 J Jamba
    05 C Kali
    20 M Loco
    21 L Delgado
    07 P Figueiredo
    08 A Macanga
    11 A Mateus
    14 A Mendonca
    17 J Ze Kalanga
    10 F Akwa

    01 A Ricardo
    05 F Meira
    13 L Miguel
    14 J Nuno Valente
    16 A Ricardo Carvalho
    08 A Petit
    19 C Tiago
    07 L Figo
    17 C Ronaldo
    09 P Pauleta
    11 S Simao
    Ref: Jorge Larrionda


    5 mins: GOAL Angola 0-1 Portugal
    P Pauleta scores for Portugal 5 minutes in

    HALF-TIME:Angola 0-1 Portugal

    FULL-TIME:Angola 0-1 Portugal

  • Everything but an exciting game! promised a lot since Portugal scored very early but they just simply disappeared throughout the rest of the game. The favourite was never doubting Portugal although Angola came very strong and played a very ambicious game, never giving up and always trying to surprise the opponent. Ronaldo, a self-proclamed star, played a very ugly game always attempting individual plays and tricks (at one time I thought he had mistaken the stadium for a circus arena!)...ironically he was the one behind the dangerest plays on Portugal side but he was simply misfortuned there! In the end, the match was largely disapointing for the Portuguese having seen their players in a dull eye-shutting for the Angolans, despite losing they can be proud of how hard they fought to demonstrate to everyone that although outsiders they can still teach someone a lesson or two! :boxing:

    Congrats Angola! :clap: