memory card not formatted?
  • suddenly everything was lost from my card and it read that it wasn
  • I'd say it's the memory card. 3rd party memory cards are pretty unreliable, and there have been many reports of 3rd party memory cards not working. I've never seen "memory card not formatted" on my PSone, but if you format it and it still doesn't work, then there's obviously a problem with the card.
    Hope you didn't have too much saved on there...
  • Yes, many third party memory cards delete the info off of the cards. I've had that problem as have many others. I would recommend that you just get a regular official Sony MC and it'll work just fine. The MC, when it prompts you to format, does it even try to save or are you even at the point where you're trying to save. Many times when you go to save a game you'll use an empty section of the MC and it'll prompt you to format as it's saving so it shouldn't be that. Well. i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming as soon as you get an official Sony MC. :thumbsup:
  • I know im just adding but I have lost many data saves due to 3rd party memory cards. They might have the "oohs" and "ahhs!" that they more memory but the fact is they are unreliable.
  • Siggus, that sounds exactly the same as whar happened to me!!! I had a 52Mb Electronics Boutique memory card (around 920 blocks!) and i had the exact same "format" problem. I've now reverted back to my official sony memory cards, they are defiantely the only way to go!
  • yea dude thats the same thing that happened to me its really bad i had almost finished resident evil 3 silenthill syphon filter 2 and suddenly it says theres nothing to load now dats so sad
  • memory card not formatted means u haven't used it in this game before and so it will need to be formatted. its a stupid idea but hey 3rd party memory cards suck as well. formatting it for one game will mean that the info from any other games saved will be deleted(unless if in a different page).