• I have run across the term 'cyber sex' a few times lately, so I decided to try to figure out what it meant. I figured it had something to do with the computer, so I started trying to find the 'sex drive' on mine. I looked everywhere, in all the folders on the My Computer section, the add/uninstall software, install hardware part of the control panel... then I got out all the manuals and went through them.

    I finally came to the conclusion that my computer is not equipped with one so I decided to go to the computer store and see if I could buy one.

    I wanted to look intelligent and scholarly, so I wore my glasses and carried my laptop and manuals and a hat with E=mc
  • ROFLMFAO ! Absolutlely brilliant Speedie :laugh: Thank goodness my PC has it standard and has space for expantion packs to......
  • Just search for "sex drive" or "cyber sex drive" on your computer if you want to find something speedie.

    Alternatively you could search for "teen chat" and you would pretty much be on your way. rofl.
  • Lethal, will that also tell me what to do with it once I find it!?!? :blink: heeheehee Or, am sure I want to know!?!? :laugh:
  • Lol, you most likely DO want to know, you will just be shocked at first!
  • Oooooooh, sounds interesting!!!!!!! :devilish: Please PM me with full details!!!!! :laugh: (don't want to shock any of our younger readers here now do we!?) :blink:
  • You come see me Speedie, I can get your 'sex drive', install it, make sure it is running properly and give you daily checks to make sure your always satisfied your computer maintains its peak performance. Bring food, beer.

    EDIT: bring your computer if you really want to. ;)

  • when purchasing one of these drives you must bear in mind will it be a front port, rear port or dual port entry you are after. In many cases such drives offer 2 speeds - high and low. It is advisable always to choose the high sex drive as it can handle twice as many seek head interfaces per cycle as the lower speed model.
    The highest specification drives can take this high usage rate via both its operational ports at the same time. :rolleyes:
  • Gosh,... ok Majik and Rex, looks like I'll be needing you BOTH to help me out here! I'm so lost when it comes to computers!! :devilish:
  • Speedie

    if thats that case then I would strongly suggest that you get a high speed drive will a dual port. Also you might need to invest in circuit protection as I would hazard a guess if you will let Rex near your drive you are going to get a short :o

  • Majik, don't you know its not the size of your drive it how you use it?