Stuck up L1 Conroller
  • I have this very annoying problem. after intensive gaming on Crash Team Racing and X-Men 2, my L1 button has ceased to work on my official SONY controller. It is over one year old so I think the guarentee is over. This has happened before, but on my X button, so is there any way I can fix this by myself without buying a new one?
    At the moment, i can't powerslide in CTR!!!
    ThanX for reading. :thumbsup:
  • It's possible that if you open the controller up then the button may come dislodged but it may be that it's just broken. If it comes dislodged then you're ok to go back and play but if it is broken then you'll either have to get a new controller or have to not use the L1 button. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming when you get that button fixed. :thumbsup:

  • Crash, the same thing happened to my duel shock controller and all i did was take it apart and cleaned the inside where it was sticking (it was my R2 button that stuck). You might have a different problem to me but you could atleast try it out. :thumbsup:
  • Out of the 10 Ps1 and 2 PS2 Controllers I have always been able to fix sticky or unresponsive buttons. Open it up there pretty basic ( Though out of all my pS1 controllers I've seen 4 different insides) Better than buying a new one!
  • crashkart,

    As suggested by Evil Resident, many times these problems are due to excessive grime build-up inside the controller. You can disassemble the controller, and clean the entire area with warm water & a little soap applied to a Q-Tip, then dry thouroughly.

    If this does not fix the problem, most larger video game stores sell repair kits for the PS controllers. The price is minimal, and it only take about 10 mins.

    Hope this helps, good luck!
  • I try not to eat and play videogames at the same time beacuse it screws up the controlers!
  • CrashKart,

    Above all else, The controller did nothing wrong to you! Take it easy!! I thought i was bad but all my controllers still work.
  • :P crashcart i have this problem before.after long hours of play.what i do is i dismantle the controler and clean the pad inside with cotton bud.just soak abit of alchohol will do.i hope this will help. :thumbsup:
  • Thanks everyone for replying. I took apart my old comtroller, wiped out the inside and put it together again, but no luck. The broken button (X) has a weird personality. It works once, then busts, so it might be a circuitry problem.

    I'll try this out on the second controller tomorrow and tell you the results...

    Any other suggestions?
  • Well, i had a simmilar problem with both my old ps1 controllers, so i took them apart, and lifted the small plastic membrane,(with all of the veins and computer chips in it) off of the plastic surface that it rests on (the back of the controller). The buttons then worked perfectly after i put them back together. I hope that this helps!
  • unfortunatly your garantee is over. u can take your controller apart and see if anything is disloged or blocking the controller.
    that or u can just buy a new controller :2silly: