The Google Image Game
  • Hey ho folks...

    Basically what happens is i say a word, then the next person has to google image search that word and post a humorous result, then name a word for the next poster...

    Get it??


    First word:

  • Well, there were a lot of possible choices but it looks like George Dubbleya is getting the brunt of the joke once again.



    Ok, the new word is "Mushroom" kick it!
  • image

    how crazy is that!?!

    ok the new word is "Carrot"
  • Haha, very odd indeed...

    Hey look! Its shagger all dressed up for a night on the town!


    What a ladies man!

    (sorry about the low image quality!)

    The new word is : Testosterone (spelling?)
  • [attachmentid=71]

    Next - coffee
  • wow huge pic....


    lol weirdo....

    next word is "paper clip"
  • Guess who it is!


    New word : German
  • image

    the new word is "can"
  • Trick or treat!
    (Son of CEO of Coca-Cola Amatil)


    New word : Slippy

  • soo not posting slippy the frog :P


    new word is "Tackle"
  • Okay, after searching 20 some odd pages of football related images, this is the closest I could find to a funny image. Go little tyke!! :)


  • it wont let me post is the link anyway

    next word is "Shell"
  • This one looks like fun!!!


    Aren't they cute!?!?

    Next word: Snorkel
  • Here we go! This looks funny!!


    Next word: GARGANTUOUS
  • QUOTE(RedKenny @ Jun 18 2006, 04:56 PM) [snapback]65983[/snapback]

    Next word: GARGANTUOUS

    Are you *sure* you didn't mean "Gargantuan"?? <_< <br />
  • I suppose you could go with Gargantuan. I really don't care one way or the other.
  • Oh goodie, "gargantuan" I can work with!! :clap:


    Here's a pic of a "Gargantuan" marionette!! (that's how Google describes it, anyway)

    Next word: snort
  • OKay here's a good one.


    Next word: WOOF
  • Oh, I so got this one...


    Next word : Pork
  • And in return....


    Good idea... for dinner!! :g: :devilish:

    Nextly, let's try ... zoo
  • image

    next word "straw"
  • I got's this one.


    Apparently it's a straw goat that keeps getting burned down every year they put it up? Why would they keep putting it up though? Might be my sense of humor that :g: If it helps, it's the Swedes that keep putting it back up

    er, anyway, next word is...
    gotta see what someone comes up with for that one :harhar:

  • Well, here's an interesting one!!


    Not sure how close up you'll be able to see these, but upon investigation, ALL of this guy's tatoo's are disney characters/themes. Wow, what a fan!! :blink:

    Let's see... next word:
  • [b] Well, I had a buch of interesting findings for that world but I have to go with this one


    Now here is some rock and roll, minus the roll

    WORD: Diabas

    Also to reply to the burning goat skeleton posted by Jay. That is the traditional Christmas Goat (he was the one bringing the presents before them Europeans forced upon us their Santa Claus) of the town of G
  • Bit hard to find an interesting pic from that word but I did eventually find this:


    Next word for searching is.....fluffy (easy, i know but it's getting late here :harhar: ).

  • Trying to avoid the Harry Potter fluffy I got this...


    Next : wire
  • In sticking with the WAR theme....

    Entitled: Bullets and Barbed Wire by Kerr Eby. Not funny, but thought it was appropriate.

    Nextly, let us try Kumquat just 'cause it's a fun word! :tongue:
  • [attachmentid=75]O.K. Kumquat they didn't have much

    Next word: cheeseball
  • According to my husband, there should be a picture of ME here for "cheeseball"!! :laugh:
    No no no, that's not a real reply, just thought I'd throw that in there.... please, carry on.... :bag:
  • image

    This is something I do know, being a sad old man collecting retro stuff

    The artwork on the tables & score glass of pinball tables is called cheeseball art!!!

    next word - loaf
  • image

    This image looks like something that would fit in with our war going on!

    Next word: MEOW
  • Now *that* is one cute rabbit! Doesn't look like he was "loaf"ing though! :laugh:

    One "meow" coming up!!

    How about... parking ?
  • [attachmentid=76]

    Next word: drinking
  • :laugh:


    Ok, ok, it wasnt on google but it is related!!!

    New Word : Biff
  • Okay. I got this image here.


    Next word:

  • er should that be Autonomous? I'm confused. If you do mean Atonomous, which I don't recognise as a word but then again my Vocab ain't that big, then I'm sorry :(
  • Hmm yeah that's what I meant James. Sorry bout that. Maybe they should get a spell checker on this thing so that weirdos like me don't mispell things.


    I hope that's how it's spelled. :blink:
  • the autonomous republic of charlie brown :P


    next word "Pocket"

    heres the link if it doesnt work ....
  • :o


    New Word : Whoopeedoo
  • image

    next word "knife
  • Okay, I got this.


    Next word (spell checked and everything):
  • I gots this one.

    TOP 20 KITTENS - 2001-2002


    Seventh Best Kitten
    k Copper-Eyed White Persian Male

    Find it at: TOP 20 KITTENS - 2001-2002

    What some people name their animals. weird huh? :wacko:

    okay, next word is er...

    SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS (spelling is 100% correct - I checked :blink: )

  • Not sure what this picture had to do with the word but I thought it was "funny".
    Is it a woman or a man? It's definitely a wig!

    Next : Knucklehead
  • image

    next word "tissue
  • Tissue?
    Okay, here's a random picture for you. It's funny or not funny depending on how your mind works.
    So the picture is...


    Yes, that's right folks, a roll of TOILET PAPER (or Toilet Tissue I guess in this instance)

    Next word is...
    Okay, sticking with the materials theme, how about...


  • LOL. I got something very completely random for ya here!


    Don't exactly see how you could get cat from velvet...but oh well.

    Next word (don't worry, I spell checked):
  • As soon as I saw the word I knew which picture I had to find, so here it is...

    If you can't se it then the link was as follows: GUMMY BEARS picture

    Sorry couldn't find a bigger picture but couldn't access the full size image for some random reason. Anyway, had to pick a picture of the GUMMY BEARS it's like practically the law :clap: Oh and I did NOT cheat by typing in GUMMY BEARS, I only typed in GUMMY. Had to go through 12 pages until I FINALLY got the picture I wanted.

    Anyway, enough about that. Next word is...

    MINI ADVENTURE (I know it's two, but they kind of go together those two words)