Leave Of Absence
  • As of the end of today the Shag wont be around for a while. My work in this country is done and all that is left for me to do here is clear my desk and prepare for a weekend of partying.

    After the 50 Cent concert on Saturday eve I'll be flying to South Africa to climb some really high mountains, hopefully do some ice climbing and then to Mozambique for some relaxing in the sun until another project comes up (hopefully in some country I've never been to before)

    Anyhow, when I'm online again you'll be seeing me around the forums but till then
  • Hey Chad, we will miss you buddy, off for another adventure huh... just make sure you take care and dont lose any (vital) limbs. Will be looking forward to some interesting shag adventure stories when you get back!

    Have a good one mate.
  • Oh, what is this then?! A regular ACi members with a life outside the forums? Now that's an oddity if ever I saw one. :D

    Hope you have a great time doing all of those physical activities (ew :blink: :tongue: ) and we'll be here waiting for you when you get back.
  • Hope I'm not too late!!!!!!!!
    Shagger, I hope you have a wonderful time!!! Mountain climbing, eh? I guess "they're there", so you have to.. heehee
    Please please PULLEEEEEZE don't splat!!!!!!!! :blink: Enjoy your time relaxing in the sun, and finding some lovely Babes to whom you can explain your "name"!! :devilish:

    See ya when you get back!! :hug:
  • Enjoy yourself dude!! Come back safe and sound - make sure you live up to your name while your gone ;)

    South Africa dont know whats hit it!! :punk:
  • Have a great time Chad! Enjoy yourself!! I am extremely envious! Hope you have a blast. :)
  • Have a great time climbing those rocks! :wacko:

    Take care, be safe and come back to us in one piece, eh?!

    Oh, and tell 50 we all said hey!