Microsoft Help Pop-ups For The New Millenium...
  • You all remember the annoying little paperclip that pops up everytime you start to type in Microsoft Word? Well, here are a few new ingenious developments from your pals at Microsoft!

    It looks like your trying to... Invade Iraq? Would you like help... with literacy, politics, public speaking etc?
    It looks like your trying to... Worship Satan? ?Pleh ekil uoy dluow
    It looks like your trying to... Make your own home s*x tapes? Would You Like Help... Ms Hilton?
    It looks like your trying to... Commit Suicide? Option 1: Yes, Option 2: No thanks, youve contributed enough...

    I was bored and thought up these few, Im sure there are plenty of other ideas floating around :clap:

    Give it a try!
  • HAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!! Very good ones Lethal!! heeheeheee... took me a minute to figure out the "warshipping satan" one. :blink:

    Let's see.....

    It looks like you're trying to.... download music illegally? Would you like help... into the police vehicle/finding legal council/picking up the soap?

    Something like that??